Nigerian Innovator and CEO of OTG Playa-Modupe Ajibola Visits @iLabAfrica

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OTG Playa CEO, Modipe Ajibola
OTG Playa CEO, Modipe Ajibola

On Friday 7th February 2013, @iLabAfrica hosted Modupe Ajibola a US-based innovator and entrepreneur from Nigeria. Modupe is the CEO of OTG Playa the company behind Storm, a software and hardware technology that enables users to share and access content offline through a small internet broadcast box. He was on a mission to demonstrate how the device works to a group of digital content providers interested in working with the laptops for schools project led by ADILI Corporate Limited CEO Engineer Kara Stefano Karianjahi and software engineers at @iLabAfrica.

The device, which comes in two versions, one a little smaller than your desktop CPU and the other the size of a wireless access point acts like a Wi-Fi hotspot. Users get access by connecting to the wireless network. Content providers can share content as well as sell it through credits that can be used to purchase content. Content is encoded using special encoding that converts all content into OTG format. The device provides for advanced configuration support for network, security, encryption, payment gateways and other variables making it flexible to customize as per the users’ needs.

Storm provides great support for mobile devices, meaning any mobile with internet and Wi-Fi capabilities can access digital content through a browser or mobile application. There is extensive support for Android devices where one can download apps and a special browser that provides instant and quick access to content on OTG Playa. Support for Windows and other platforms is being developed.

“We were able to test the device and it was breathtaking to see how powerful it was. We could stream content at 600 mbps, and we are talking of huge videos and music files. We see a lot of potential in this technology for schools, universities and even commercial content providers. It solves the bandwidth problem and removes many of the constraints of relying on the internet which is still not optimally reliable in Africa” commented one of the engineers at @iLabAfrica.

@iLabAfrica is looking forward to find ways in which technology like this can be used to provide secure, easy and cost effective access to digital content in Kenya in areas with poor, constrained and expensive internet access.


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