@iLabAfrica holds a Holiday Boot Camp for Primary and High School Students

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holiday bootcamp

Primary and high school students on holiday were treated to a one of a kind boot camp at @iLabAfrica between the 22nd and 26th of April 2014. The boot camp aimed at sparking interest in ICT and introducing innovation and mobile programming among the youngsters at an early age. The students also received motivational talks and career guidance during the boot camp. The talks were given by representatives from leading IT firms in the country. These included Veronicah Ogeto and David Tole from Safaricom, George Gichobi from Samsung and Michael Mutiga from Fatboy Animations. The training was conducted by Moses Weda from @iLabAfrica.

The boot-camp was attended by students from Makini Primary School, Makini High School and High Way Secondary School. They were introduced to the world of 3d game programming using java where they learnt how to create 3d animated stories, movies and games.

@iLabAfrica intends to continue with programs and activities that exposed innovation and ICT to students at an early age.


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