@iLabAfrica Hosts Guests from Botswana Innovation Lab

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Tirelo Ramasedi (Botswana Innovation Hub)
Tirelo Ramasedi (Botswana Innovation Hub)

As the tech and startup ecosystem continues to grow rapidly in Kenya, the country is attracting early adopters from other African countries. These are individuals and organizations that want to learn from Kenya’s achievements with and aim of replicating the same at home or improving their experience.

On the 1st of July 2014, @iLabAfrica hosted Tirelo Ramasedi and Merapelo Mpuisang from Botswana Innovation Hub in Southern Africa. The duo was on tour in Kenya, visiting various tech hubs to learn more about the tech and startup ecosystem in Kenya.

Botswana Innovation Hub is a young tech space, having been established about three years ago out of the Botswana Excellence Strategy of 2008. The strategy aims among other things to economic diversification. Botswana has already identified innovation as the next frontier for development to complement Diamond mining which has been the greatest economic earner for the Southern Africa nation.

“This visit is important to us because we are embarking on a journey that Kenya has taken the lead in. One of the things I am taking home from this trip is making innovation facilities more accessible to the youth, which I think Kenya is doing a very good job. I am also looking at ways in which the South and East African innovation hubs can work together. We can learn a lot from each other and drive development together”–Tirelo Ramasedi.

Tirelo Ramasedi is a woman in tech and entrepreneurship. She is also the official Brand Botswana Ambassador and former Miss Universe Botswana.


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