When BRCK Team Visited @iLabAfrica

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Today we caught up with Reg Orton and Jackline Koech from BRCK. The two were on tour of @iLabAfrica and they brought their favorite gadget with them- the BRCK.

BRCK is a rugged internet connectivity hub and power bank built to work anywhere in the world. The gadget offers multiple internet connectivity options ranging from ethernet, 3G and WiFi.

From left: Bernard (@iLabAfrica), Jackline (BRCK), Reg (BRCK) and Margaret (@iLabAfrica)

One of the things that stood out for us about BRCK  apart from the multiple Internet connectivity options is the possibilities to build applications on top of it, cloud management and ability to connect embedded devices such as sensors. This presents an opportunity for developers to build apps that can run on BRCK utilizing next generation application development techniques and internet of things.


Are there ways in which BRCK and @iLabAfrica can collaborate? For now we can’t really say. It’s a matter of wait and see! @iLabAfrica is always open to working together with like-minded people to advance tech and tech skills in Africa for Africa.


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