Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015

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What is the Ericsson Innovation Awards?

 Technology fundamentally transforms the ways we organize our lives, businesses and societies. But only recently has the connectivity and computational power once reserved for industrial applications become intensely personal – embedded not just into our mobile devices and cloud software, but into our everyday expressions, interactions, relationships and desires. The result is an unprecedented capacity for individual empowerment &innovation.

The Ericsson Innovation Awards sets out to challenge today’s youth with not only changing their world but the world of thousands of others through harnessing the transformational power of ideas, technology and connectivity.

What possibilities for innovations will arise as a result of this development?

Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015

 This is the first year that Ericsson has shifted their focus to both the technology and business factors that surround innovation . Students from third-level schools, universities and colleges all over the world are invited to submit their innovative ideas.

This competition will give the participants an opportunity to gain a foothold in the business world while also earning recognition from top C-levels and making contacts within the telecom industry. The top teams will also receive invaluable business coaching and technical insight from our experienced industry professionals.

The topic is learning. Learning in its widest sense; how can we make learning accessible to all? What tools do we need when lifelong learning becomes necessary for everyone? What are the new tools and methodologies when learning becomes an online activity – and when learning is happening more and more away from school buildings? Do you have an idea about the future of learning?

The Awards

First prize: EUR 25 000

Second prize: EUR 10 000

All finalists and semi-finalists will be given the opportunity to be interviewed for a possible internship or permanent position at Ericsson

LinkedIn – endorsements and winner’s mark from Ericsson


What Next…….

 To join the competition, register a team of between 2-4 people on the Ericsson Innovation Awards site or visit here. Be sure to meet all the requirements stipulated on the page.

Attached and via the link below you will find a collection of promotional material which could be used to notify students of the competition. This includes a poster for printing, a flyer for printing and online banners which could be placed on your site or intranet page with a hyperlink to the Ericsson Innovation Awards site provided above.
To view and download the flyer and posters: Click here

For more information on the global competition: Click here.


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