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Government’s development spending shapes your life. It pays for the roads and bridges you travel on, for the schools and clinics that nurture you, and the water and electricity that makes your life possible.

 Do you ask yourself???

  • Where does the money comes from or where it goes?
  • Does development spending really improve lives, or grow the economy?

Come and find out during a *free* 4-day d|Bootcamp that explores how you can access and use the data tracked by Kenya’s National Treasury and its partners such as the World Bank and the Open Aid Partnership.

The d|Bootcamp will bring together aspiring data journalists and civic watchdogs, with technologists and digital designers, for hands-on learning and collaboration on team projects. The best projects will win seed grants and technology support.

What Data Will be Explore?

Kenya’s National Treasury runs a comprehensive Development Assistance Database (e-ProMIS), that tracks procurement and other spending data from government and its multilateral development partners. Treasury has aggregated this data since 2011, with the help the World Bank’s Open Aid Partnership (OAP). In addition to government data, OAP seeks to improve aid transparency and effectiveness by bringing together information from other development partners, such as civil society organizations, foundations, and the private sector.

The d|Bootcamp will explore additional open data sources, ranging from the Kenya Open Data Initiative(KODI) and the wider openAFRICA portals, to sector specific databases from civic watchdog organisations. d|Bootcamp participants will also be taught to scrape data to build their own databases.

What you need to know

Venue; The d|Bootcamp will take place at the Aga Khan University’s brand new Graduate School of Media and Communications (GSMC) at the 9 West building in Westlands, Nairobi.

Dates:26th- 29th November, 2014.

The d|Bootcamp is part of a global data journalism initiative, and is supported locally by the Hacks/Hackersand Code for Kenya and ANCIR communities.

More details click here


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