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The Intel Student Partner Program, has had a great success over the years and that is why we are inviting applications in Kenya for university students across the country to be part of this year’s cohort of Intel Student Partners.

How to apply…

Program Participants can apply to be part of the Intel Student Partner Program by submitting an application here. Participants will need to demonstrate the following values in their application:-

  • University status: Participants must be enrolled in a full time program at a recognized university in Kenya.(Recognized and Registered as an Institution of Higher Learning by a Government Body).
  • Academic excellence: Participants must have a grade point average of minimum B (or equivalent) from their university. Proof of grade point average in the form of academic transcripts is required.
  • Leadership experience: Participants must demonstrate that they have previously organized and led other students in running or implementing a project or event that is of value to the University community. Proof for this should be provided in the form of reference letters from the organization for which they implemented the program.
  • Intel Developer Zone: Participants must be registered members of the Intel Developer Zone (IDZ). IDZ membership will be verified by including IDZ username in the application process.

What you need to know:-

Application Deadline: February 1st, 2015, Apply here.

Notification Period:  within 2 weeks of your application date.

Program Duration: One year, but Intel, at its sole discretion, may determine the end date of the Program.

  To learn more about this exciting program, kindly read here!


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