Introducing Sufuria.Com- The African Recipe Website

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sufuria is a recipe sharing website by Africans for Africans. They are concentrating on African dishes and giving people a platform where they can post their recipes on African cuisine. It’s free to use the platform and users will able to find all African recipes in one place.

 Target Market wants everyone to have a variety of choices pertaining to what they cook. Their main target is

  • Single people who stay alone and may want to treat their friends or companions to something different.
  • First time mothers who don’t know what to prepare for their kids and want to give their kids different dishes the African way.
  • People in the diaspora who want to treat their friends with African cuisine and don’t have a variety to choose from.


We all love rewards, and has made sure this is possible through the following ways:-

  • Chefs and ordinary people at homes will be able to earn from by posting their unique and authentic recipes. We will be paying Ksh. 100 for every recipe approved by our chefs.
  • There will be a recipe of the month feature where the top 3 recipes (based on views and shares) posted by users will be rewarded.

Start sharing your African recipes as well as learn a new recipe every day by visiting

 The team of is incubated at   @iBizAfrica


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