Strathmore-Waterloo Agri-business Challenge Incubation Kicks off!

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The Strathmore-Strathmore Waterloo Agribusiness Challenge Incubation program will start on Monday 20th April 2015. This is the final stage of the international and first of its kind innovation challenge focusing on agri-business. The challenge is a collaboration between Canada and Kenya where The University of Waterloo in Canada and Strathmore University in Kenya have come together to support youth with innovative business ideas, driven by mobile and and social media technologies to address East Africa’s most pressing challenges in agriculture. The challenges include food and water safety, food traceability, food sustainability and agriculture waste management.

The Agri-business Challenge is expected to drive innovation at the bottom of the pyramid in the region with practical and life-changing solutions for food security and agriculture.

The incubation stage is the final and very crucial stage of the competition where 6 teams that made it through the investor Pitch stage will go through a 8 week incubation program at @iBizAfrica.

The teams include:

  1. Mkulima
  2. Agribora
  3. GreenUp Africa
  4. Evet
  5. Kilimo Watch
  6. ConviFarm

The teams will receive entrepreneurship training and mentorship from top-notch Strathmore faculty and experts on entrepreneurship, to help them gain business skills to turn their ideas into a business . They will also develop working prototypes of their solutions and business plans.

The teams will demo at the end and the winning team will secure a fully-paid trip to Canada to learn more about business and visit Conrad Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre, University of Waterloo.

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