Negawatt Challenge Nairobi Demo Day

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The Negawatt Challenge has been a great opportunity for participants to come up with great energy saving solutions. The Journey begun on Saturday 21st , where @iBizAfrica together with *iHub hosted the Negawatt Weekend challenge. The event was attended by over 70 participants who had registered to take part in the challenge and develop solutions that would solve energy problems in their community.

Four teams were shortlisted to take part in the next stage which was the Negawatt Bootcamp Series. The teams included:-

  1. Plugin – Winner
  2. Watt Saver – 1stRunners Up
  3. Angaza- 2ndRunners Up
  4. Wezesha Huduma – 3rdRunners Up

After the bootcamp series, the final stretch is the Demo Day.

What is Demo Day??

The home stretch. In this final phase, local Negawatt semi-finalists are invited to compete with their international counterparts. With one month of mentorship and entrepreneurship training under their belts, each of the teams in Nairobi: Angaza, Plugin, WattSaver and Wesesha Huduma are ready to showcase ground Breaking innovations at the Negawatt Demo Day.

What next after Demo Day?

Two top teams will be selected at the demo day to advance into the final stage of the challenge which is a three month accelerator program that will focus on taking the Innovations to market.

 All are invited to witness the latest innovation in the energy sector by registering here.

Venue : Strathmore University, Student Center- 4th Floor.

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