‘How to Smart-Start Your Business’ : The Event.

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The ‘How to Smart-Start Your Business’ event took place on Thursday 21st May 2015 at @iLabAfrica in Strathmore University. Organized by Sustainable and Inclusive Business Kenya together with Bernard Chiira, Incubation Manager at @iBizAfrica, the event was meant to teach start-up companies on the importance of coming up with Sustainable business models that not only focus on profit, but also on the environment and people i.e. People, Planet and Profit.

There were various attendees, most of them young visionary entrepreneurs in the IT and energy industry. There were various presentations from SIB Kenya, a knowledge center that strives to create awareness on the importance of companies and businesses to embrace sustainable and inclusive business practices. This was a great platform for SIB Kenya to give a more meaningful explanation of what it means for a business to be Sustainable, a great example being Strathmore University, for the direction it has taken in using solar power to generate electricity for the campus, thus saving a lot of money that would be used in other projects.

The main speaker was Philips Lead Researcher Anil Raiker. He gave a presentation on the importance of innovation, and how start-up companies should structure attractive business models that could last for longer and yield profits. After the talk, the attendees used this opportunity to tap into the vast experience of Anil Raiker, asking questions and advice on matters regarding their start-ups. Anil’s most memorable quote during his presentation was “The secret to success is combining Skill and Willingness”, motivating the young entrepreneurs to be ready to work harder to make their dreams a reality.


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