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An editorial operation focused on business solutions to climate change issues, in partnership with 15 leading economic newspapers, TV stations and magazines worldwide.

This operation has 4 main steps:

  1. A call for projects to crowdsource the best business solutions to climate change issues, such as energy storage and energy efficiency, sustainable cities, alternative raw materials etc.
  2. Economic newspapers will publish the 50 best solutions on November 18, 10 days before the upcoming COP21 in Paris.
  3. We will highlight some of these projects during COP21 related events.
  4. We will organize Co-Labs (workshops) between some initiatives and big corporations in order to create synergies (customer-supplier relationships, investments, co-creation, shared knowledge and expertise, partnerships etc.) for mutual benefit. These workshops will aim at scaling up the project’s impact and will hopefully create success stories!

 What are the criteria for this call for projects? 

  1. The project should address climate change issues: alternative raw materials, cleaner and more efficient energy, sustainable mobility and cities, marine conservation etc.
  2. The project’s business model should be sustainable over the years, and thus, enable the project to scale up.
  3. The project should be at an advanced level of development: at the least a prototype should be up and running.


Deadline: 30th June 2015


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