Turning Tables- Startup Exchange Meetup

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 The ‘Turning Tables – Startup Exchange took place on the 9th of June @iBizAfrica. It was a Meet & Share between Dutch and Kenyan entrepreneurs. In the event, startups exchanged ideas on some of the various social, technical and financial challenges they face in their businesses.


                        “Meet & Share between Dutch and Kenyan Startups”

One of the key speakers in the event was Karin Boomsma. Together with Mehjabeen Merali and interns from Sustainable and Inclusive Business Kenya, she set the ball rolling by first defining what it meant for a business to be sustainable and inclusive. Through clearly putting into consideration the three Ps : People, Planet and Profit, companies, SMEs and even startups stand a greater chance to impact positively on the society, conserve the environment and still make profit.

In attendance was a Dutch delegation, which gave great insights to the young entrepreneurs on how to have sustainable business models. Also in attendance was @iBizAfrica’s Incubation Manager Bernard Chiira. SIB Kenya’s partnership with iBiz plays a major role in encouraging startups to embrace sustainability and inclusiveness in their activities from an early stage.


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