@iLabAfrica Google RISE Pro­gram– August 2015 Edition

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@iLabAfrica was among 37 organ­iz­a­tions from all over the world that got a grant from Google RISE Awards. These awards are for organizations that;

  1. 1.Pro­mote Com­puter Sci­ence education.
  2. 2.Run ini­ti­at­ives that reach girls, under­rep­res­en­ted minor­it­ies and stu­dents facing socio-economic bar­ri­ers below the age of 18.

This is in the light that there will be more Com­puter Sci­ence jobs in the near future than the num­ber of Com­puter Sci­ent­ists avail­able. Girls tend to shy away from Sci­ence sub­jects as they believe that this is a boy’s subject. The first edition took place during the April holidays.

The Google RISE event – August edi­tion kicked off on 24th August 2015 and ended on 28th August 2015 @iLabAfrica premises, Strath­more Uni­ver­sity. The week-long event was aimed at expos­ing young girls between ages 12 to 18 years to the vari­ous aspects of Com­puter Sci­ence and also demys­tify it as an inter­est­ing sub­ject. It was also aimed at encour­aging them to con­sider it as a future career choice.

This event was atten­ded by high school girls from 5 different schools namely; John Paul II Sec­ond­ary School, Kib­era, Strait Sec­ond­ary School Kib­era, Starehe Girls’ School and Centre, Loreto Con­vent Val­ley Road and Kianda School. Sev­eral top­ics were covered dur­ing this train­ing includ­ing; basic cod­ing, Inter­net Secur­ity and Safety, Entre­pren­eur­ship and mul­ti­me­dia and design. The after­noons were designed for ment­or­ship ses­sions with vari­ous speak­ers from the I.T industry where the girls had one on one ses­sions and got their ques­tions answered.

At the end of the course, the girls could write their own code and come up with their own games, blogs and also com­mu­nic­ate effect­ively. Most of the girls said that this exper­i­ence helped them appre­ci­ate Com­puter Sci­ence and would con­sider tak­ing it up as a future career choice. The event ended with an award cere­mony where all the girls were presen­ted with Cer­ti­fic­ates of par­ti­cip­a­tion and “Swag” from Google Kenya team. The girls who showed out­stand­ing per­form­ance in their classes were also awar­ded with vari­ous gifts.

The next Boot-­camp will take place dur­ing Decem­ber Holidays.

Check out phở­tos of these event here 

The trainers in this program included: Tracy Weru, Peter Nyambura, Delphine Bheny, Margaret Njengaa, Lorna Mutegi,  Tabitha Mberi,

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