CountyPro: The Award Winning Revenue Collection System

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Tirus Wanyoike, @iLabAfrica Business Development Manager receives the CountyPro Award.

The Connected Summit award 2016 took place in Diani. The summit is the brainchild of the ICT Authority in consultation with ICT industry players and key government decision makers. This event saw @iLabAfrica Revenue automation system dubbed “CountyPro” take second place in innovative solutions under the category of County Solutions.

CountyPro is an online system that enables county governments to collect and manage revenue.It is a Solution centered on holistic e-Governance that enables citizens to easily access county government services online. This innovation by the Strathmore Research and Consultancy Centre via @iLabAfrica, allows Online application submissions, business process re-engineering, inter/intra departmental applications processing,  workflow automation, electronic payments, digitized receipting  and Electronic delivery of services, documents, certificates, permits and licenses.

Already in three counties: Kiambu, Taita Taveta and Busia, CountyPro has managed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in processing applications and accessing the revenue the county has collected. CountyPro has the capacity to accurately assess the revenue base and has flexible, secure payment options for citizen convenience. The ssystem also prevents revenue embezzlement. Taita Taveta County enjoyed an increase in revenue in the month of May 2015 by 73% thanks to CountyPro. The system brings anytime anywhere access to the Government, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

CountyPro has proved to be an award winning solution for automating operations and revenue collections in the county governments.



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