@iBizAfrica 3D Printing Workshop

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On 12th July, 2016, @iBizAfrica will carry out a one day workshop on 3D printing that has become an often discussed technology with far-reaching potential in a range of industries. However, 3D printing is not one technology but actually an entire family of manufacturing methods. These manufacturing methods are unique in that they allow for quickly transferring ideas from the computer into tangible products. This ability is what makes 3D printing have great potential for small businesses.

Small business can use 3D printing to quickly create professional prototypes of new products. Join the workshop to learn about how this technology works and how it can be useful for your business. This will include a brief introduction into the 3D printing process, and an opportunity to start working with Mr. Benjamin Savonen to create 3D models and prototypes for your own business.

The Trainer

Ben Savonen is a PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological
University. He currently uses 3D printing in his research on new product design in
developing world contexts.

More Details

Venue:  @iBizAfrica, Strathmore Universtiy Student Center 5th Floor.

Time: 6pm -7pm

Fees: ksh. 500 only.

Register here.

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