AITEC to Showcase Region’s Leading Fintech Innovations At 10th Anniversary Banking & Mobile Money Conference

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To mark the 10th anniversary of its Banking & Mobile Money COMESA Conference, AITEC is selecting the region’s 20 most promising and innovative fintech start-ups to demo their products and services at the conference over 30-31 August.

Since 2010 the conference has provided a valuable promotional platform for the region’s fintech start-ups to attract investors, customers and partners. “We are proud of the role the conference has played over the years in connecting young innovators with partners, facilitating their entry into commercial relationships which in several cases have resulted in long-term growth,” said Sean Moroney, AITEC founder and chairman

Examples of a successful start-ups launching themselves at the conference include KopoKopo, PayPal and JamboPay. Liko Agosta, founder of Pesa Pal, praised the role played by the conference. “Before it became fashionable for conferences to showcase fintech start-ups, AITEC invited us to make an Innovator Showcase Presentation in the opening session in 2011 and gave us free exhibition space to network with participants. This lifted our profile in the market and we can trace our current success to that turning point when the market started taking us seriously. We look forward to seeing the new crop of innovators at the conference this year and exploring possible synergies with them.”

The Innovator Pavilion at this year’s conference will be co-ordinated by AITEC Associate Dr Bright Gameli Mawudor. Each participant will be given an opportunity to make a 3-5 minutes elevator pitch in the Fintech Innovation conference session, which VCs, angel investors and heads of innovation at financial institutions will be invited to attend. They will also have space to show case their start up applications to the public.

Applications to participate are invited from start-ups throughout the COMESA region. Participants can email details to

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