Internet Safety Bootcamp by DigiKids

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Digikids has partnered with @iLabAfrica to bring you various bootcamps that will be focused on training children in digital literacy that will enable them to create technology that works for them, their communities and the world at every stage of their lives and have fun while doing it

Today’s world is dominated by technology and software is its language. This trend can only grow in the future where technology will permeate every aspect of life. Digital literacy is the next-gen literacy and computational thinking is the next-gen thinking of the tech rock stars of the future. The future belongs to those who know how to use this language as creators and innovators to shape the world.

Digikids achieves this goal through:

  • Developing computational thinking as a technique for logical thinking and problem solving
  • Teaching coding as a tool for creating innovative solutions though fun and easy to learn visual programming languages
  • Sensitization on how to interact with technology, especially the internet, safely and securely
  • Encouraging hardware invention through easy to use littlebits™ electronic building blocks that use magnetic circuits to create thousands of projects.

Internet Safety for Kids
Digikids has partnered with (ISC)2 Kenya Chapter to build a strong information security culture in our students to enable them become responsible digital citizens. Our internet safety and security education lessons are incorporated into each of our programs so as to bring cyber security information down to a level that children can understand. The training teaches children how to protect themselves online and become responsible digital citizens which allows them to feel comfortable visiting their favorite websites and playing their most challenging online games.

August Bootcamp.

Digikids will be running a bootcamp @iLabAfrica, Strathmore University from 15th to 19th August where students will learn various things including:-

  • Coding of mobile apps and games
  • Hardware and Robotics
  •  Problem Solving Skills
  • Logical & Computational Thinking
  •  Web design
  •  3D animation
  •  Child Online Protection (internet safety for kids


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The information was first published on the digikids website.


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