Digikids: The Kids Technology Event that Was…

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The August Holiday Tech Camp by Digikids was held between August 15, 2016 to August 19, 2016 at @iLabAfrica, Strathmore University, Nairobi. The one-week digital literacy tech camp aimed at empowering children between the age of 7 to 16 years to become creators with technology.

The children over the course of the week went through an intensive hands-on training on Coding, Robotics and Internet Safety. They were engaged in a fun and creative manner, captivating their young minds through games and simplified problem solving.

The training programs offered continuous modular training based on the age of the student and especially their knowledge, skills and interests in technology. Internet Safety and Security were core lessons of the program as they were brought down to a level that the children could understand.

In the first age group i.e between age 7 to 9, fun tools were used to introduce electronics and robotics to children and guide them to create simple programs following precise steps. The aim in this foundation stage was to create in the young minds an interest in technology as a creative tool. They learnt what algorithms are, debugging simple programs following step-by-step instructions, develop logical reasoning skills and use devices to create, organize, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.

The children in the intermediate age group (Age 10 to 12) were equipped with a firm grasp of computer science concepts, giving them a deeper understanding of designing and writing code. Through this they were able to develop their logical reasoning skills and learn to use websites and other Internet services.

The teenagers in the final group (Age 13 to 16) were challenged by deeper computational thinking and creation of more complex programs. They were taught to use programming languages to create their own applications and games. They learnt simple Boolean logic, working with Binary numbers and studied how computer hardware and software work together to create robots.

The August Holiday Tech Camp was very beneficial to the children as the introductory courses suited and benefited even children with no prior computer skills. The small class sizes focused on the individual needs of the students and incremental learning created a better understanding and retention of material learnt over the course of the week. By the end of the intensive training each of the children received a certificate.

To view more photos on this event please visit this link.



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