The Strathmore University Students MADD Event with Barclays Kenya

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Barclays Make A Difference Day (MADD) is a citizenship initiative of Barclays geared towards promoting shared growth, with a keen focus on empowering the youth through the ReadyToWork program. The annual event was graced with the presence of 21 employees of Barclays Kenya, including the Marketing Director, Caroline Ndungu and Head of Citizenship, Regina Mwangi, as well as the Guest Speaker, Dr. Wale Akinyemi.

madd2After a wonderful welcome note from the Head of Citizenship, Regina Mwangi and @iLabAfrica Deputy Director, Dr. Emmanuel Kweyu, the audience was addressed by the Marketing Director, Caroline Ndungu who challenged the students to take control of their destiny and seize the moment to change their lives through the opportunities that come their way. She showed them how Barclays is committed to bringing a meaningful impact to communities, and the importance of students getting ReadyToWork, a program that provides young people with knowledge and skills they need in order to find employment or secure self-employment.


Next up was Dr. Wale, a well known inspirational speaker and business consultant, who captivated his audience with his abundant wisdom, genuine personality and great sense of humor. He emphasised the students to work on building their capacity, protecting their personal brand, leaving a legacy and integrity among others. His generosity was also seen when he reduced the price of the books he’s authored by half.

The second part of the event was the Breakout Sessions in which the audience was divided into various groups, each group having discussions on the four pillars of the ReadyToWork program: Work Skills, Money Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills and People Skills.


Not only did the students get to learn and understand these four core skills and how the program might suit their career, but also get to interact, engage and network with the Barclays employees. Through this program young people are empowered with the training and development they need to enhance their employment and self-employment prospects.

@iLabAfrica partnered with Barclays Bank of Kenya to offer the ReadyToWork program which is aimed at equipping the youth with employability skills. The partnership was established in July of 2016. The Digital Learning team of @iLabAfrica will facilitate both online and in-class training of the program, with the aim of reaching all Strathmore University undergraduate students. Enrolled students are expected to complete the curriculum in a period of one week, and during that period students will get the opportunity to gain knowledge on the four pillars of the programme.

Students can access the ReadyToWork program here.



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