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Market Research

e-ENSURES would like to invite you to a presentation at @iBizAfrica about Market research for startups. e-ENSURES is the first African Online Market Research Company dedicated to assisting small & medium startups and entrepreneurs across Africa.Their focus is on offering affordable Market research to startups and entrepreneurs.

What also makes e-ENSURES unique, is its ability to help entrepreneurs expand their vision beyond their base. For example: if they work with clients in Nairobi, they want them to think about the opportunity across the East Africa region and ultimately the continent of Africa.  Additionally, e-ENSURES want to inspire the next generation of African startups and entrepreneurs who are struggling to get ideas off the ground by selling Market Research reports at very affordable prices. The advantages of e-ENSURES are:

  • Offering affordable online market research to startups and entrepreneurs
  • Helping entrepreneurs expand their vision beyond their base
  • Inspiring the next generation of African entrepreneurs in the pre-startup phase
  • The go-to-market research partner/advisor for startups and entrepreneurs
  • Creating a mental shift in the entrepreneurial market. Market research as a non-negotiable aspect of business strategy.

They also would like to invest in some of the startups by conducting free market research for them.

VENUE: @iBizAfrica, 5th Floor, Student Centre, Strathmore University

DATE: Thursday, 17th November 2016

TIME: 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM

The event is FREE!!!! All are invited!!!! Register here


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