Strathmore and IBM BlueMix sponsor Intensive Course in Next Generation Applications

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@iBizAfrica, in collaboration with IBM, will run an intensive training course during the month of May on Next Generation Applications.

The next generation of applications must be delivered faster, enhanced easier and be more integrated, intelligent and secure. This course prepares developers for the revolution that is being driven by Cloud, Mobile, Web, Social and the Internet of Things. It follows a hands-on approach with access to the latest technologies and tools.

This training will cover:

  1.        Why Cloud Platforms are changing the way developers build and deploy applications
  2.        Developing the next generation of applications (Cloud, Mobile, Social, Internet of Things) easier and faster with Cloud Platforms
  3.        Using IBM’s Cloud Platform – BlueMix – to develop, deploy and secure next generation applications
  4.        Applying Big Data Analytics to next generation applications
  5.        Taking your application ideas to successful innovations

Why enroll in this course?

To position yourself strategically to take advantage of the Mobile and Cloud revolution in the ICT industry and to differentiate yourself with tools and techniques that create more engaging, more integrated and intelligent applications.

What the benefits?

Participants will benefit from receiving intensive training in the very latest Mobile and Cloud application development technologies and techniques delivered by global experts. This training has a total estimated value of over KES 20,000.

On completion of the course, together with submission of a completed material, participants will receive a certificate jointly issued by IBM and Strathmore University Faculty of Information Technology. The submission includes developed applications uploaded to the IBM JazzHub code repository, and a written blog article and/or video presentation of their experience and of the applications they have developed.

Who should attend?

  • ICT students that want to deepen their understanding of application development and the revolution that is driving change in the IT industry.
  • Mobile and Web Application developers that keen to sharpen and update their skills on the latest application development technologies.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to understand how next generation applications can help them deliver their vision faster and in a more integrated way to maximize the commercial viability of their endeavors.  

Course Pre-Requisites:

Applicants will need to demonstrate previous hands-on experience in the following:

  •          Programming fundamentals
  •          Experience with Java and/or JavaScript

Once confirmed, attendees will need to register before attending the course for free access to IBM BlueMix at this page: https://ace.ng.bluemix.net

What is the duration of the Course?

10 days (2 weeks) from 12th to 23rd May 2014.

What are the Course Fees?

This course is sponsored by Strathmore University and IBM’s Corporate Service Corps program. The goal is to help develop skills to take application development in Kenya to the next level.

As a result of this sponsorship, the entire course of 10 days intensive training will cost KES. 20,000 for non-students and KES. 5,000 for students. This is a great bargain as the course would normally cost KES. 105,000 without the sponsorship!

 Click here for more Information about this course. To read more about BlueMix click here.

Registration for this training is now closed!


Apply Now for The GE Healthcare Challenge

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GE is accepting applications for the GE Healthcare Challenge launched at #Idlelo6. This is the chance of a life time to launch a startup in healthcare to tackle the problem of maternal and child mortality in Kenya and Africa. The finalists of the Challenge will be anounced tomorrow evening (26th March) during the GE cocktail at #Idelo6
GE Challenge1
How Do You Enter
Submit your idea/solution here
What do you get:
If GE, FOSSFA and @iBizAfrica like your idea, you will be selected to enter the finals for a chance to win:
  1. Free incubation at the ultramodern @iBizAfrica business incubator- here you get access to office space, Internet, mentoring and coaching, legal advice, access to funding and more!
  2. Support from GE to launch and scale your solution
Apply Now for a chance to be selected and win the GE Healthcare challenge!
Read more about the GE Healthcare challenge here.

Seed Awards 2014- Call for Applications. Apply Now!

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The SEED Initiative has just launched the 2014 SEED Awards to support entrepreneurs for sustainable development.

The SEED Initiative is seeking entries from innovative start-up entrepreneurs who aim to generate environmental, social and economic benefits at the local level in a country with a developing or emerging economy.

This year SEED will make available up to:

  • 30 SEED Africa Awards to enterprises in Ethiopia, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania and Uganda;
  • 12 SEED South Africa Awards to enterprises in South Africa, four of them to enterprises in the provinces of Free State, Limpopo and KwaZulu Natal;
  • 10 SEED Low Carbon Awards for enterprises in Colombia, India, Tanzania, Uganda and Viet Nam;
  • 3 SEED Gender Equality Awards, for enterprises in all countries that are not OECD or EU members (Kenya is eligible for this category).

Candidates can apply from 11th February 2014 and not later than 8th April 2014, 23:59 CET

Click here to read more.  Click here to apply!

BitPesa Team to give Talk at Strathmore University

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bitcoinA team from BitPesa will give a talk at @iLabAfrica about Bicoin technology and Bitpesa. BitPesa is a new outlook on money transfers to East Africa. IT uses next generation of payment system infrastructure to offer guaranteed same-day delivery at a third of the cost of bank transfers or other money transfer services.

Date: 28th Feb 2014

Time: 11:30 (Talk with @iBizAfrica entrepreneurs) and 2:30 (Talk with Strathmore University students and staff)

Venue: @iBizAfrica, 5th floor Student Centre building at 11:30 and MSB 5, MSB building at 2:30pm

All are welcome!

WananCHI, Kenyan Chapter of SIGCHI First Meet-Up at @iLabAfrica

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The Kenyan chapter on SIGCHI (Special Interest Group on Computer Human Interaction) dubbed WananCHI held its first meetup at @iLabAfrica on the 26th of February 2014. This came as Samatha Merrit a visiting research fellow at iHub and doctorate scholar at the University of Indiana visited Strathmore University to train students on Participatory Design. Participatory design is an approach to design attempting to actively involve all stakeholders in the design process in order to help ensure the product designed meets their needs and is usable.

Samantha Merritt

Students were exposed to various participatory design concepts and techniques including story-boarding and wire-framing. Samantha explored the origin of participatory design, the meaning of participatory design and what can be accomplished through the technology design approach. With this design concept you can produce technology that is more appropriate to the needs of the users by getting them to participate in designing the solution. The approach puts the user first and allows for their input to drive the solution design. Researchers may conduct participatory design to better understand a group of users or to allow the users to participate in the actual design of the technological solution.

The SIGCHI, Kenyan chapter aims to pioneer a culture of designing solutions that meet the actual needs of the users among Kenyan technology innovators and software developers, through participatory design.

The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction is the world’s largest association of professionals who work in the research and practice of computer-human interaction. SIGCHI is part of the ACM.

Learn more about SIGCH

More about Participatory Design

Nigerian Innovator and CEO of OTG Playa-Modupe Ajibola Visits @iLabAfrica

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OTG Playa CEO, Modipe Ajibola
OTG Playa CEO, Modipe Ajibola

On Friday 7th February 2013, @iLabAfrica hosted Modupe Ajibola a US-based innovator and entrepreneur from Nigeria. Modupe is the CEO of OTG Playa the company behind Storm, a software and hardware technology that enables users to share and access content offline through a small internet broadcast box. He was on a mission to demonstrate how the device works to a group of digital content providers interested in working with the laptops for schools project led by ADILI Corporate Limited CEO Engineer Kara Stefano Karianjahi and software engineers at @iLabAfrica.

The device, which comes in two versions, one a little smaller than your desktop CPU and the other the size of a wireless access point acts like a Wi-Fi hotspot. Users get access by connecting to the wireless network. Content providers can share content as well as sell it through credits that can be used to purchase content. Content is encoded using special encoding that converts all content into OTG format. The device provides for advanced configuration support for network, security, encryption, payment gateways and other variables making it flexible to customize as per the users’ needs.

Storm provides great support for mobile devices, meaning any mobile with internet and Wi-Fi capabilities can access digital content through a browser or mobile application. There is extensive support for Android devices where one can download apps and a special browser that provides instant and quick access to content on OTG Playa. Support for Windows and other platforms is being developed.

“We were able to test the device and it was breathtaking to see how powerful it was. We could stream content at 600 mbps, and we are talking of huge videos and music files. We see a lot of potential in this technology for schools, universities and even commercial content providers. It solves the bandwidth problem and removes many of the constraints of relying on the internet which is still not optimally reliable in Africa” commented one of the engineers at @iLabAfrica.

@iLabAfrica is looking forward to find ways in which technology like this can be used to provide secure, easy and cost effective access to digital content in Kenya in areas with poor, constrained and expensive internet access.

Navvi.com Beta Testing at iLabAfrica

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@iLabAfrica is working with Navvi.com, an information-mapping platform that aggregates, filters, and connects content through location and subject. Through this collaboration, Strathmore University students are participating in a beta test for Navvi.com. More than 60 students have already tested the application at Strathmore University. The testing was coordinated by Andy Sternberg and Elizabeth Gibbs, both from Navvi.com.


In line with promoting the new platform in Kenya, two students from Strathmore University have been appointed as Navvi ambassadors. These are Robert from the Strathmore University Law School and Antony Wainaina a Telecommunications Student from the faculty of IT.

Navvi.com allows users to map, post, and share and read news that matters. It combines mapping technology with a blogging and social networking-feel to give users a unique experience in discovering topics, trends and news that matters to them in real-time. It works as a crowd sourced citizen reporting platform with a special interest in water, food, infrastructure, energy and ideology.

The platform will be launched in the first quarter of 2014 in Kenya. Kenya was chosen due to its strategic position as an emerging leader in ICT in Africa. Navvi.com is also being tested in the USA and India. The beta test users will help improve and develop new features for the platform whose aim is to provide accurate and relevant information to various groups of users in real-time.

Navvi.com is a product of BrightBox Global Inc and was founded by Natalie Spencer.

Click here to view pictures of Navvi.com Beta Testing at Strathmore University.