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BBC Connected Studio, BBC News Labs & BBC World Service are holding a collaborative Hack event in Nairobi on 3rd & 4th February 2015.  The aim of this event is to generate ideas for tools and products that better distribute BBC News to an African audience, in ways that are relevant to this market. A pilot service of the best will be built and tested with each selected team being appropriately funded for this.

 Who can participate?

Companies in the tech community both locally (to Nairobi) and on a global scale are invited to participate. Teams should be made up with a mix of developers, designers and UX skills.

 What you should do….

In order to be selected for the event, send 2 recent examples of your work that are relevant to the brief/challenge to

Ahead of the hack, we’ll be holding a briefing event on the evening of 29th Jan 2015, where we’ll expand on what we’re looking for at the hack and we’ll give some short tech talks regarding the platforms and APIs available to use. It will also be a chance for teams to meet each other and the experts ahead of the hack.

  More details:-

Using technologies that complement one another, and the resources available at the Hack (BBC content, APIs, and Social Media platforms), we want to develop innovative and relevant products and tools which improve the audience’s experience.

These are the questions we’d like to answer:

  • How do we continue to provide the highest quality news coverage to audiences in Kenya on the digital platforms they use regularly? How can we plug ourselves into their daily digital routine?
  • What can be done to make the interaction between African audiences and the BBC faster and more effective?
  • How do users access the content that is relevant to them? And then use it when it suits them, at a low/no cost?

What more you need to know:-

Registration your team here:

Briefing event: 29th Jan 2015,

Registration closing Date: 29th Jan 2015.

Hack Event Date: 3rd & 4th February 2015

  Have any Questions?

           Email:                                   Twitter: @BBC_Connected