Women in tech – Last call

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WITStandard Chartered in partnership with @iLabAfrica has launched a search for the third cohort of women-led technology startups which will see five entrepreneurs win Sh1 million each.

The partnership seeks more diversity in technology and for more opportunities for women to develop entrepreneurial and leadership excellence.

The program combines world class startup support with local and international experience to provide Africa’s most competitive and attractive startup incubation program focusing on immersive learning, mentorship, building and growing Africa’s next iconic startups taking on the continent’s most relevant challenges and opportunities

Who are we looking for?
We are seeking to recruit the best entrepreneurial minds, women-lead startup teams leveraging on technology as a key driver of innovation in business. The applicant must:
  1. be a woman
  2. be the CEO with equal or majority ownership in the company
  3. 18 and above
  4. of Kenyan nationality
What are the the program thematic areas?
Applicants may submit applications across but not limited to the following thematic areas:
  1. Agribusiness
  2. Education
  3. ICT
  4. E-Commerce
  5. E-Health
  6. Fintech
What do Participants Get?
  1. Three months incubation at Strathmore University’s leading business and innovation incubator- @iBizAfrica
  2. Mentorship from world class mentors
  3. Coaching by top business, technology and legal professionals
  4. Immersive, world-class entrepreneurship curriculum
  5. Networking and exposure to expand your business networks
What do Winners Get?
  1. USD 10,000 or KES 1,000,000 equity-free grant seed funding for the top 5 winners
  2. 9 months ongoing support from Standard Chartered and @iBizAfrica to assist with go-to market and scale.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Participants must be physically available to attend the program over the three months incubation
  2. Participant accommodation costs are not catered for
Application  deadline 4th November 2019 


For more information Click here

To Apply click here

@iLabAfrica- Strathmore University Students Emerge Top in the Google Online Marketing Challenge Second Time in a Row

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GOMCGoogle offers a professional accreditation to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords, the Google AdWords Certification. The Strathmore Digital Advertising Academy has partnered with @iLabAfrica and Google to offer tailor-made digital advertising training and certification using Google’s digital advertising technology and tools. Learners are trained on how to use cutting-edge technologies for digital advertising and online marketing like Google AdWords, Google Ana­lyt­ics, Google AdWords API and others.

Google runs a global competition yearly that offers opportunities to students to experience and create online marketing campaigns using their technology. This year, a team of students represented Strathmore University and @iLabAfrica on the challenge and secured the top position in Middle East & Africa Business Category. This is a tremendous achievement given the size of the competition.


The team worked together to deliver results within the key deadlines. Prior to participation in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, some of the team members enrolled in the @iLabAfrica Digital Advertising Certification Program. The trainings were very effective as the students not only got a lot of insights in conducting a real campaign but also created lifelong contacts of various experienced professionals in the online marketing industry. The challenge created team zeal and strengthened their bond which was very essential throughout the competition period.

The group encountered a number of challenges during the competition. The biggest challenge was the busy academic schedules of the team members but with efficient planning and communication the team was able to overcome this. The team was properly organized, tasks were clearly assigned to each team member and participation by every member was key. The team was able to work with a real-life client which enabled them understand client dynamics in the industry. The Google Online Marketing Challenge was a success and a future opportunity to be considered by all.


From L- R(Innocent, Tess, Tabitha, Maureen, Gloria and Lorna)

Team Members

Innocent Dekok (Team Captain)

“The Google Online Marketing Challenge has opened up my career path in online marketing and was a learning opportunity for me. I will consider participating in future competitions again.”

Maureen Wanjiru

“I enjoyed working together with the team throughout the competition. I got an opportunity to work with a real client who needed digital marketing solutions for their business.”

Lorna Kipkoskei

“The competition was tough but we managed to endure as a team. I have learned a lot especially working with team to deliver key results. This competition has sparked my interest in digital advertising and I see myself working on more future similar projects.”

Gloria Kaburu

“I enjoyed every moment throughout the competition, working with team members and coordinating tasks. I enjoy online marketing and definitely see myself pursuing a career in this field.”

Tess Munuve

“Through creative thinking and execution, our team was able to secure a top position. I am overwhelmed by how far our team has gone. This is a field I would love to work in.”


Ms. Tabitha Mberi-Certified Digital Advertising Trainer by Google.

It was fun working with the students and I am proud of them. The challenge gave them an opportunity to work with a real client and learn how to carry out digital campaigns. I can’t wait to work with them and other students in the next challenge that comes up in 2017.

@iLabAfrica Google RISE Pro­gram– August 2015 Edition

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@iLabAfrica was among 37 organ­iz­a­tions from all over the world that got a grant from Google RISE Awards. These awards are for organizations that;

  1. 1.Pro­mote Com­puter Sci­ence education.
  2. 2.Run ini­ti­at­ives that reach girls, under­rep­res­en­ted minor­it­ies and stu­dents facing socio-economic bar­ri­ers below the age of 18.

This is in the light that there will be more Com­puter Sci­ence jobs in the near future than the num­ber of Com­puter Sci­ent­ists avail­able. Girls tend to shy away from Sci­ence sub­jects as they believe that this is a boy’s subject. The first edition took place during the April holidays.

The Google RISE event – August edi­tion kicked off on 24th August 2015 and ended on 28th August 2015 @iLabAfrica premises, Strath­more Uni­ver­sity. The week-long event was aimed at expos­ing young girls between ages 12 to 18 years to the vari­ous aspects of Com­puter Sci­ence and also demys­tify it as an inter­est­ing sub­ject. It was also aimed at encour­aging them to con­sider it as a future career choice.

This event was atten­ded by high school girls from 5 different schools namely; John Paul II Sec­ond­ary School, Kib­era, Strait Sec­ond­ary School Kib­era, Starehe Girls’ School and Centre, Loreto Con­vent Val­ley Road and Kianda School. Sev­eral top­ics were covered dur­ing this train­ing includ­ing; basic cod­ing, Inter­net Secur­ity and Safety, Entre­pren­eur­ship and mul­ti­me­dia and design. The after­noons were designed for ment­or­ship ses­sions with vari­ous speak­ers from the I.T industry where the girls had one on one ses­sions and got their ques­tions answered.

At the end of the course, the girls could write their own code and come up with their own games, blogs and also com­mu­nic­ate effect­ively. Most of the girls said that this exper­i­ence helped them appre­ci­ate Com­puter Sci­ence and would con­sider tak­ing it up as a future career choice. The event ended with an award cere­mony where all the girls were presen­ted with Cer­ti­fic­ates of par­ti­cip­a­tion and “Swag” from Google Kenya team. The girls who showed out­stand­ing per­form­ance in their classes were also awar­ded with vari­ous gifts.

The next Boot-­camp will take place dur­ing Decem­ber Holidays.

Check out phở­tos of these event here 

The trainers in this program included: Tracy Weru, Peter Nyambura, Delphine Bheny, Margaret Njengaa, Lorna Mutegi,  Tabitha Mberi,

The Google Policy Fellowship is now open.

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The Google Policy Fellowship program offers undergraduate, graduate, and law students interested in Internet and technology policy the opportunity to spend the summer contributing to the public dialogue on these issues, and exploring future academic and professional interests.

Fellows will have the opportunity to work at public interest organizations at the forefront of debates on broadband and access policy, content regulation, copyright and creativity, consumer privacy, open government, government surveillance, data security, data innovation, free expression and more.

Who should apply?

If you are a student and passionate about technology, want to spend the summer diving headfirst into Internet policy then this is your chance. Students from all majors and degree programs who possess the below qualities are encouraged to apply:

  • Demonstrated or stated commitment to Internet and technology policy
  • Excellent academic record, professional/extracurricular/volunteer activities, subject matter expertise
  • First-rate analytical, communications, research, and writing skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and efficiently, and to work smartly and resourcefully in a fast-paced environment


Fellows will receive a stipend of USD 7,500 for 10-12 weeks in 2014. Exact dates of the fellowship will be worked out by the fellow and host organization and will be subject to the academic schedules in different countries.

For further information about this fellowship read here. You can also get answers to some of the questions you may have here

Strathmore Digital Advertising Academy Graduates First Class

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The Strathmore Digital Advertising Academy enrolled the pioneer class in the month of July. The class was a rich mix of students and professionals ready to engage in a five week long intensive course in digital advertising.

The course was a deep dive into Google Adwords, one of the most advanced and powerful digital advertising platforms in the world. Together with Google, @iLabAfrica delivered the training, empowering the students with new skills and tools to advertising on Google Search, Google Display and YouTube. Employing practical and case study approaches the students learnt how to create captivating and compelling digital campaigns.

The fruits of the training were bore on Thursday 21st August 2014 when the class of sixteen students was awarded with certificates of merit for having successfully completed the course.
The award ceremony was presided over by Rosemary Momanyi. Rosemary who is the industry manager at Google Kenya was delighted at seeing the first class graduate. She reflected on the long journey of starting the academy more than 3 years ago and all the preparations and resources that had been put in place. It was truly a rewarding moment to see the first Google certified digital advertising professionals graduating from the academy. Rosemary pledged Google’s support for the academy especially for students who would be placed in various digital advertising agencies for practical experience. The best student from the pioneer class secured an internship at Google.

Dr. Joseph Sevilla, the Director of @iLabAfrica in his remarks congratulated the students noting that they would now be filling the gap that has for a long time existed in Kenya- lack of professionally trained digital advertising professionals and locally relevant digital content.

Strathmore Digital Advertising Academy will announce the next intake for the course on this blog and @iLabAfrica website soon.

Become A Google Certified Professional and Expert in Digital Advertising

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@iLabAfrica Digital Advertising Centre is now accepting applications for the newly acclaimed Digital Advertising certification course in partnership with Google and Google Partner Agencies.

The Strathmore Digital Advertising Academy is a partnership between @iLabAfrica and Google to offer digital advertising training and certification using Google’s digital advertising technology and tools.

The aim of the Academy is to provide world-class training in Digital Advertising to enable local businesses, institutions, organizations, startups and Advertising agencies maximize their presence in the digital space.

The Academy will also see students from Strathmore University and interested professionals in the market acquire the necessary skills and competencies for digital advertising professionals, to meet the demand for qualified digital marketing personnel in Kenya and Africa at large.

Learners will be trained on how to use Google’s cutting-edge technologies for digital advertising and online marketing like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Adwords API, and others.

Mode of Delivery

  1. Evening (3 evenings per week) classes
  2. Hands-on practical training on Google tools for Digital Advertising.

Who should attend?

4th year graduating students, marketing and sales professionals or individuals interested in developing digital advertising skills.


The certification is open to graduating 4th Year University students, or professionals who have attained a Bachelor’s degree in IT, Business or a related field and eager to diversify their professional experience.

A pre-qualification online entrance exam will be taken to ensure the right level of candidates participate.  Thereafter face-to-face interviews will be scheduled for successful participants.

Online Basics Entrance exam

Link to the Online Basics Exam preparation materials  Online Basics materials

Link to the Online Basics Exam Online Basics Exam


Start: 15th July 2014

Online Registration Link

Click here to register!


Students: KES. 20,000/-

Professionals and non-students: KES. 75,000/- NOTE: Offer for professionals! PAY by 15th July and save KES. 10,000/-

Why take the Courses at Strathmore?

  •  @iLabAfrica is a Google Partner and a Center of Excellence in Digital Advertising at Strathmore University.
  •  Our Digital Advertising Course is offered in collaboration with Google, the world leader in digital advertising.
  •  The Digital Advertising Faculty at @iLabAfrica is comprised of experts trained at Google HQ from Europe and Middle East in Dublin Ireland as well as guest trainers from Google.
  •  We offer hands-on training in Digital Advertising.


5 Weeks (3 hours per evening, total 45 hours)

Exam and Certification

Learners will be required to sit for the Adwords Fundamentals exam and at least one Advanced Adwords exam to become Google Certified Digital Advertising professionals.

Learners who sit for and pass the exam within two weeks of completing the course will be receive a Google Certificate and  @iLabAfrica Digital Advertising Academy course completion certificate.

@iLabAfrica, SBS and Strathmore Faculty trained for Digital Marketing in Ireland

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The final stage in preparing iLabAfrica to become the first Google certified digital advertising Academy in Africa, was finalised at Google’s HQ for Europe, Middle East and Africa in Dublin Ireland.

Strathmore Team in Dublin, Ireland
Strathmore Team in Dublin, Ireland

The team of 11 from Faculty of IT, School of Management and Commerce, Strathmore Business School and iLabAfrica were trained by dedicated and passionate experts from Google on AdWords and Google Analytics between 5th and 11th Dec. 2013. Adwords and Analytics are Google technologies for digital marketing and web tracking.

The five days training was conducted across four Google offices in Dublin. The training entailed hands-on Advanced Awords, Analytics, Conversion Tracking, YouTube and Google +.

The collaboration between Google and Strathmore University is expected to bare fruits when the first class for Digital Advertising kicks off early next quarter. The program will build capacity for qualified digital advertising personnel in Kenya by training students, professionals and corporate organizations in digital advertising.