Strathmore Students emerge winners in Communications Authority Cybersecurity Hackathon 2019

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Florence Kithinji, Jayson Waigwa and Hilda Kiriga “CodeRed” Hackathon team.

@iLabAfrica-Strathmore University cybersecurity students emerged as the winners of this year’s Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Cybersecurity Hackathon as part of the CA National Cybersecurity Conference 2019. The theme of the conference was “Enhancing the National Cyber Readiness and Resilience”.

Communications Authority of Kenya held a National Cybersecurity Conference to engage Cybersecurity stakeholders on emerging cyber security matters. In recognition of the global cyber security month with the objective of promoting safe internet use and healthy cyber hygiene practices amongst Kenyans the conference was officially opened by Mr. Jerome Ochieng, PS, Ministry of ICT.

Part of the conference, CA held a 24 hour hackathon to examine current skill sets; stimulate cyber solutions development; provide a forum for interaction and knowledge exchange amongst cyber security enthusiasts in academia and industry; and encourage upcoming cyber experts to showcase their problem-solving skills in various cyber environments.

The Hackathon comprised of two focus areas Ethical hacking and Digital Forensics. Over 10 Kenyan universities and colleges participated in the event that saw Strathmore @iLabAfrica students win the Ethical hacking challenge.

The team known as “Code red” comprised of Jayson Waigwa – @iLabAfrica Student Associate, Florence Kithinji – BBIT 4th year, Hilda Kiriga – BBIT 4th year and Yashon Ochieng Computer Science 4th year. The students were able to show their prowess and emerged as winners in this year’s hackathon competition where they managed to ethically locate and solve an online vulnerable system in the shortest time.

“It was a great experience in general, being exposed to the real world challenges and threats in cyber security. What helped the team most was good team work since we had different skills where we are good at in solving the challenges. Speed also played a major role in solving and submitting of the flags.” Said Jayson Waigwa, @iLabAfrica Student Associate.

CA is committed to enhancing the National Cyber Readiness and Resilience in recognition of the critical role that the Internet and ICTs play in Kenya’s social economic transformation.

The Conference was attended by over 300 participants from both private and government organizations.

About @iLabAfrica Centre

@iLabAfrica is a Centre of Excellence in ICT Innovation and Development at Strathmore University. The centre spearheads Research and Innovation in Information Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) of ecosystems towards the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to contribute toward Kenya’s Vision 2030. The research centre is involved in interdisciplinary research, students’ engagement and has

The Event That Was: Nairobi Tech Week (N TW)2017

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#NTW2017 was the hashtag buzzing the 4-day event between 22nd March and 25th March 2017 all over social media. This year’s event was arguably the best one yet as it united local and global software and industry leaders, coupled with developer workshops and challenges, as well as informative panel discussions, all of which had a huge impact to all attendees.

After opening keynotes from Facebook, Moringa School and @iBizAfrica – Strathmore University representatives the NTW2017 participants were introduced to the event with very interesting sessions. The first one was a Scrum Training aimed at teaching participants on the development and deployment of resilient financial USSD applications. Occurring concurrently was a workshop by Safaricom that educated the participants on Intellectual Property and it’s importance in today’s technology space. Google also had a very interesting workshop on building scalable web applications through the Google Cloud Platform.

After the lunch break the participants had a hard time on deciding which workshop to attend as they all looked exciting.


JUMO WORLD facilitated one session on MOB Programming, Moringa School had theirs on designing for Mobile and Intel enlightened attendees on the fundamentals of Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence. It wasn’t any easier in the evening as Brave Ventures in their workshop challenged the participants to think like Data Scientists.

Participants who attended the Dalberg workshop learnt how to create an effective relationship between Developers and Designers, while those who attended the Facebook workshop got to understand the business opportunity on the Facebook Messenger platform and how to leverage and maximize on the Messenger Bot API.

Day 2 commenced with the kickoff of the Angel Hack Hackathon with Facebook and JUMO which challenged developers to unite and come up with innovative mobile solutions.

NTW3Developers were so engrossed in the hackathon as they were ready to stay overnight developing their applications. They did! There was the promise of mind-blowing prizes and opportunities for the winners on each challenge, which kept them highly motivated.


In the meantime, there were several workshops and panel discussions as well. Industry experts from Twiga Foods, Cellulant, Seven Seas Technology, Summit Recruitment and Frontline SMS consisted of a panel that enlightened the attendees on the best ways to acquire developer talent in Sub Saharan Africa. Up next was another illuminating panel and workshop facilitated  by Dalberg, Brave Ventures, BRCK and Mercy Corps representatives on bringing UX (user experience) to new startups. The day was concluded with the Developer-Startup Speed Networking event. The hackathon continued overnight and on to the third day.

NTW4The third day began with a panel and workshop on Cyber Security. Representatives from KPMG, Ernst & Young, Euclid Consultancy as well as the Government discussed various issues on security facing the society such as lack of proper awareness, social engineering, IoT security and ransomware. They also advised the attendees on some practical things they can do to protect themselves and their organizations. The afternoon session was yet another educative workshop and panel discussion on The Do’s and The Don’ts of Product Management. There was also a TechTalk event which entailed the Previous, Present and Future of Technology.

By the time it was Day 4, the attendees were very informed and knowledgeable. Little did they know how promising the final day would be. It started off with a CTO panel discussion on scaling products into new markets, from both the operational and technological perspectives. The panel consisted Chief Technology Officers from JUMO, Safaricom, Cellulant and Facebook. They enlightened the participants how companies build products for scale, considerations they make as well as their challenges and experiences on the matter.

NTW5The next panel consisted of representatives of Eneza, BRCK, M-Shule and @iLabAfrica who discussed how developers can build tech products that uniquely serve the education sector. Liquid Telecom, Chimera, @iLabAfrica and MKOPA were also involved in another panel discussion concerning the Internet of Things (IoT) and its numerous applications. The final panel discussions before lunch break was the applications of Data Science in Fintech (with speakers from Eclectics, Juntos, IBM, Neveru, Busara and Intellipro) and how Technology is revolutionizing and disrupting traditional industries, with great emphasis on logistics; by TechMoran, Lori, Sendi, Vitumob and SokoWatch.

The afternoon sessions included a discussion by speakers from Techweez, Bithub Africa, Kimwatu and Crypto Assets on bitcoin and the implications of Blockchain technology in Africa. A panel with speakers from Intel, Microsoft, ProLabs and M-Changa engaged with the attendees on Artificial Intelligence and how it has taken the world by storm, with greater focus on Africa.

NMG, Twiga Foods, Gro Intelligence, WeFarm and FarmDrive on their panel discussion talked about agriculture and what technology can do to enhance agriculture. An E-commerce panel of representatives from Jumia, Mookh, Jumia Market and BuyRentKenya shared their experiences, strategies and challenges of e-commerce demands and supply chain and logistics.

Net Neutrality in Kenya was also a topic of discussion in another session. The final panel discussion of the day was on the role of corporates in supporting developers and SMEs by Moringa School, JUMO, Liquid Telecom and Facebook.


The 4-day event was concluded with a closing keynote from the various companies as well as announcing the winners of the AngelHack Hackathon. This years winners of NairobiTech week was PesaPocket. @iBizAfrica will offer 3 months free Incubation services to the top 3 winners of the Nairobi Tech Week

Apply : Hack to Teach Education Hackathon

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Hack to Teach 2017 is a hackathon hosted by Ideation Social Innovation Lab. During the competition, African tech talents will be expected to design and build an ed-tech mobile platform geared towards improving the quality of basic education within the informal educational sector in Kenya.

About Ideation Social Innovation Lab

Five million underprivileged Kenyan children are taught by untrained and unqualified informal school teachers. The first poverty trap for underprivileged children stems from the lack of access to adequate basic education. Since July 2016, our program trained teachers from 120 schools and provided education loans to lower the tuition by 41%. In addition, our business management system helped multiple teachers college achieve financial sustainability.


In order to scale our education loan program and school management system in Kenya, Ideation Social Innovation Lab hopes to distribute their solution as a mobile platform to more colleges and teachers. Within the 3-day Hackathon, software engineers and developers will produce prototypes for a college accounting system, collection system for loan repayments, and post-training evaluation system for teachers.

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation / Ambition
    Is this idea creative or novel? Is this idea different from existing products out there? Does this solution provide unique value?
  • Product / User Experience
    Does the idea solve a clear problem for the targeted users? Is the workflow intuitive? Is it easy and pleasant to use?
  • Impact / Scalability
    Does this idea have the potential to reach many people at a large scale? Could it be used by different people in different areas?
  • Execution / Quality
    Does the app work completely from start to finish? How many and how severe were any bugs encountered?
  • Pitch / Teamwork
    Does the team explain well of their story? Does the demo show an effective solution? Does the team collaborate well?

Apply and innovate. Your solution may be the next big thing.

Register to Attend Oracle Developers Day & Hackathon

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Are you a software or application developer, join us for this hands-on experience to manage your Cloud way with Oracle Cloud.

Join the Hackathon challenge to develop an application using any of the Oracle Cloud offerings — Java, Database, Developer & Mobile Cloud services and get the chance to be a co-founder of a start-up company fully supported and funded by multinational organizations.

Oracle will cover:

  • Database as a Service key principles
  • Using the Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Migrating databases to the cloud and back
  • Cloud databases from the DBA and developer perspectives
  • Java & Cloud Services

The Hackathon: During the experience, develop an application using any of the Oracle Cloud offerings – Java, Database, Developer & Mobile Cloud services and get the chance of grabbing exciting prizes.

KCB will incubate the winning Application idea from prototype to market launch and use their market reach and expertise to drive it to success.

Event Details

  • Dates: Oct 4 – 7, 2016
  • Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 Pm
  • Venue: KCB Leadership Center, Karen

Don’t miss this once in a life time experience and book your place now!


 Participants should bring their own laptops to connect to the workshop environment. Laptops must be able to access the internet via Oracle Wi-Fi and be configurable for SSL/VPN (instructions and a test will be provided).

Nairobi Tech Week: April 27- 30

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We are proud to be hosting Nairobi Tech Week from 27th to 30th April 2016.

Nairobi Tech Week  is a new tech event series  where CTOs and top developers, tech entrepreneurs and various stakeholders in Sub Saharan Africa’s tech industry come together in a blowout event. This is going to be Sub Saharan Africa’s largest tech event – from both the Twitter Developer Relations team and AngelHack partnering with Moringa to have their first events in Africa ever.

The event will bring to attention the work of CTOs and developers behind leading apps and services, who often get overlooked as the products they create go on to power game-changing technologies and innovations that achieve recognition and commercial success. There will be industry players discussing tech trends in finance, education, agriculture and more. And two days of developer workshops to learn from industry leaders. To top it off, there will be a two-day AngelHack hackathon to innovate around smart cities and a final day with panels of user groups, tech bloggers, tech investors and more!
Those expected to attend:
  • Top developers and CTOs in East Africa
  • Thought leaders/movers and shakers
  • Successful tech CEOs of various industries
Why you should attend NTW
  • Meet and engage with to developers who can transform your business
  • Exchange ideas with thought leaders on where the tech industry in East Africa is heading
What makes NTW unique from other tech events
  • Global meets local/expertise from Silicon Valley (AngelHack and Twitter first ever event in Africa)
  • Community driven (content is crowd-sourced)
  • Bridging the gap
  • Learning and solution oriented

Finer Deets

Date: Wednesday 27th – Saturday 30th April

Venue: @iLabAfrica, Strathmore University

Tickets: Get your ticket here

See you there.




Hack Event: Brought to you by BBC

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BBC Connected Studio, BBC News Labs & BBC World Service are holding a collaborative Hack event in Nairobi on 3rd & 4th February 2015.  The aim of this event is to generate ideas for tools and products that better distribute BBC News to an African audience, in ways that are relevant to this market. A pilot service of the best will be built and tested with each selected team being appropriately funded for this.

 Who can participate?

Companies in the tech community both locally (to Nairobi) and on a global scale are invited to participate. Teams should be made up with a mix of developers, designers and UX skills.

 What you should do….

In order to be selected for the event, send 2 recent examples of your work that are relevant to the brief/challenge to connectedstudio@bbc.co.uk

Ahead of the hack, we’ll be holding a briefing event on the evening of 29th Jan 2015, where we’ll expand on what we’re looking for at the hack and we’ll give some short tech talks regarding the platforms and APIs available to use. It will also be a chance for teams to meet each other and the experts ahead of the hack.

  More details:-

Using technologies that complement one another, and the resources available at the Hack (BBC content, APIs, and Social Media platforms), we want to develop innovative and relevant products and tools which improve the audience’s experience.

These are the questions we’d like to answer:

  • How do we continue to provide the highest quality news coverage to audiences in Kenya on the digital platforms they use regularly? How can we plug ourselves into their daily digital routine?
  • What can be done to make the interaction between African audiences and the BBC faster and more effective?
  • How do users access the content that is relevant to them? And then use it when it suits them, at a low/no cost?

What more you need to know:-

Registration your team here: http://goo.gl/Qafuu2

Briefing event: 29th Jan 2015,

Registration closing Date: 29th Jan 2015.

Hack Event Date: 3rd & 4th February 2015

  Have any Questions?

           Email: connectedstudio@bbc.co.uk                                   Twitter: @BBC_Connected  

Call for Applications: Fully Sponsored Gaming Training with Intel

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Intel Gaming

Did you know you can develop  Android Games optimized to run on the Intel Platform?

Would you like to learn game programming for Android?

Strathmore University, in partnership with Intel Corporation will roll out a fully sponsored 8 week Training Program focused on enabling programmers to learn how to develop Games on Android. The program offers participants step-by-step training through the development of complete games.

Who should Attend?

The course is aimed at anyone who has a great game idea, but who lacks the opportunity, skills or experience to be able to turn their idea into reality.

Intel Gaming



Pre­vi­ous exper­i­ence pro­gram­ming in either C++ or Java is desir­able but not mandatory.

  1. Previous experience programming in either C++ or Java is desirable but not mandatory.
  2. Be available to participate in a full-time 8-week program

Competition and Prizes

At the end of the training we will hold a Hackathon and reward the winning game developers.

1st Prize- Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Inch device with Intel Inside

2nd Prize- Asus Fonepad with Intel Inside.


Strathmore University

Dates and Time

-22nd October 2013– 16th December In 2013

From 9: 00 am to 5:00 pm


Register Here to attend this training.

Download the poster for this event here