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Social Media Week Independent Nairobi, which is hosted by Go Gaga Experiential Limited has partnered with Strathmore University, through @iLabAfrica, to provide the venue of the Social Media Week Nairobi edition. SMWi is a global platform that connects people, content, and conversation around emerging trends in social and mobile media. We share insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society, and cultures around the world.

SMWi Nairobi bring thousands of people together every year through learning experiences that aim to advance our understanding of social media’s role in society.

What Is SMWi Nairobi?

Social Media Week Independent Nairobi, in its first year, brings together thousands of professionals in marketing, media, and technology.

The one-week conference that runs from 12th-16th September features a central stage for keynotes and panels, multiple rooms for workshops, master classes and presentations, and an area dedicated to co-working, networking and interactive events. These provide the ideas; trends, insight, and inspiration to help people and businesses understand how to achieve more in a hyper-connected world.

In 2016 SMWi Nairobi will explore our global theme: The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces of Technology (and How We Can Harness it for Good). Read More

Who will Be Attending?

The SMWi Nairobi audience comprises of senior marketers, founders, entrepreneurs, influencers & digitally connected consumers across a range of industries including marketing, advertising, communications, media, publishing, education, banking, technology, politics, arts, and entertainment.

Why Should You Attend? 

Social Media Week provides engaging, entertaining, educational, diverse content and experiences that helps us to think differently about human connectivity and our shifting relationship to technology. By displaying influential speakers, innovators and thought leaders, we examine how the ways we live, work and create can lead to meaningful change and a more productive life.


To attend this event, you need a ticket that you can easily buy here. Please choose the ticket that is relevant to your specific needs.


@iBizAfrica 3D Printing Workshop

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On 12th July, 2016, @iBizAfrica will carry out a one day workshop on 3D printing that has become an often discussed technology with far-reaching potential in a range of industries. However, 3D printing is not one technology but actually an entire family of manufacturing methods. These manufacturing methods are unique in that they allow for quickly transferring ideas from the computer into tangible products. This ability is what makes 3D printing have great potential for small businesses.

Small business can use 3D printing to quickly create professional prototypes of new products. Join the workshop to learn about how this technology works and how it can be useful for your business. This will include a brief introduction into the 3D printing process, and an opportunity to start working with Mr. Benjamin Savonen to create 3D models and prototypes for your own business.

The Trainer

Ben Savonen is a PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological
University. He currently uses 3D printing in his research on new product design in
developing world contexts.

More Details

Venue:  @iBizAfrica, Strathmore Universtiy Student Center 5th Floor.

Time: 6pm -7pm

Fees: ksh. 500 only.

Register here.

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@iLabAfrica Safaricom Academy Students Emerge Champions in the Twitter #SmartCityChallenge

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Remember the Nairobi Tech Week event?? You may be  wondering what happened to the ReportTaka Team who were winners in the challenge. Well, we got a chance to interview Bettirose, one of the team members and this is what she had to say…

What made you come up with the idea?

When we decided to join Angel Hack’s Hackathon during the Nairobi Tech Week,  it wasn’t so much to win,  but to be part of the solution that Nairobi needed to be smart. Prior to the event,  we had been affected by the floods that occured in Nairobi every time there was a downpour. In fact,  the previous day,  one of our classmates had to go back home,  having covered half the journey to school after the vehicle he was in stalled.  This got us to think of a solution to help solve the flooding menace in Nairobi, and ReportTaka was created.

What exactly is ReportTaka?

ReportTaka is a platform that allows citizens to conveniently report unattended garbage using their phones. We aggregate this data,  either sent through Twitter,  SMS or our Android Application and relay this information to relevant authorities who we partner with.  This was the winning idea during AngelHack’s first Hackathon in Africa,  which gave us a chance to join their HACKcellerator program that is planned to start on 1st August 2016

Tell us about the Twitter #SmartCityNairobi Competition

Together with two other winning teams,  Naimotion and FixMtaa,  team ReportTaka got a chance to compete in Twitter’s #SmartCityNairobi Challenge. On 3rd June 2016,  ReportTaka was again crowned the winner of the #SmartCityNairobi Challenge taking home a $10000 cheque to actualize their project.

Who are the Team members?

The team is made up of five friends who are also classmates, studying MSc.  Mobile Telecommunications and Innovation at @iLabAfrica’s Safaricom Academy and they include Peter Gikera,  James Ngugi,  Bettirose Ngugi, Racheal Gathagu and Kizi Dimira.

What’s Next?

ReportTaka is  currently working on building partnerships with players in the garbage industry while refining their product.  Being Metta Nairobi members,  an initiative by Nest,  they are able to meet other entrepreneurs who help mentor and give us feedback. In October 2016, they hope to travel to Silicon Valley for the final event of HACKcellerator program. They are raising funds to help them cater for travel and accommodation costs since only one of their team members has been sponsored.

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Recap on Nairobi Tech Week Event

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Nairobi Tech Week (NTW) was twitter developers relations team and Angelhack very first tech event in Africa, which was said to be the largest tech event in the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa with prominent IT institutions as partners and sponsors. The partners like @iLabAfrica(Strathmore University), *iHub and Moringa school, oversaw the success of the event which aimed in bolstering the growing tech sector and culminating support in one place in just one week.

NTW brought to attention the work of Chief Technical Officers and Developers behind leading apps and services, who often get overlooked as the products they create go on to power game-changing technologies and innovations that achieve recognition and commercial success. Several industry players graced this event and discussed tech trends in finance, education, agriculture, music, e-commerce, government, health and data science. They took the crowd through the growing changes in IT and anticipated growth in the future.

The event started on the 27th of April with Moringa School’s founder, Audry Cheng and other tech influencers like Hilda Moraa, Josiah Mugambi, to name but a few giving an opening plenary and setting the ball rolling. Afterwards, breakout sessions followed. The breakout sessions served as an eye-opener for the various players in the tech sector, broadening the field of ideas for developers and young entrepreneurs. For the three days that followed, panel after panel of actors and professional developers graced the sessions advising, coaching and encouraging young developers in the field. At the end of the week, there had been a total of 36 breakout sessions and 20 panels.

Nairobi Tech Week also accommodated #HelloWorld Twitter Tour where the twitter developers interacted with Kenyan developers around the Twitter platform. AngelHack, the world’s largest and most diverse hacking community, hosted a 2 day hackathon. The #SmartCityNairobi challenge was aimed at the developer community in Nairobi in conjunction with Twitter and the *iHub. Developers had a chance to create a solution for the city using Twitter’s API to solve a problem in the city. The technology was required to bring a positive impact on the world, people, and or environment.  This saw two teams, Fixmtaa and Naimotion taking the Twitter and Code4impact Awards. The Reporttaka team took the overall price making them the winners of the first ever hackathon held in Africa. They get an opportunity to turn their hackathon idea into a startup reality in a 12-week curriculum among other prices.

Wondering what happened to Team ReportTaka?? Well, they won a huge grant.

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@iLabAfrica Researchers Attend IST Africa Conference

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Three Researchers from @iLabAfrica were selected to present their papers in the IST Conference 2016 held in Durban, South Africa. Tabitha Mberi, Collins Oduor and Lorna Mutegi presented their individual papers to an audience comprising of senior public, private and education and research sector Innovation stakeholders from South Africa, the European Commission, the African Union Commission, Southern African Development Community, Ubuntu Alliance among others. There were over 200 presentations from 36 countries.IMG-20160525-WA0000

L-R; Lorna Mutegi, Collins Oduor and Tabitha Mberi

Tabitha’s paper focused on the online revenue collection system that @iLabAfrica has implemented in Taita Taveta County  and her attendance in the conference was funded by Kenya Education Network (KENET ). Tabitha’s research looked at how devolvement of government from local authorities to county governments in Kenya has resulted in many counties adopting online revenue collection systems that consists of two integrated systems; an online system dubbed “CountyPro” for processing services such as Business Permits, General Billing and Property Rates. The second part is  a Point of Sale (PoS) system used by county revenue collectors to charge for various fees.  Her study assessed the success and challenges in adoption of the integrated system.

Lorna’s paper was based on a model of commoditization of IT Security Services for Financial Institutions in Kenya. Organizations in the financial sector are moving towards networks that are more open and susceptible to cyber security threats. Individual efforts by these companies to mitigate the financial and reputational loss attributed to cyber-attacks have proven futile. Through commoditization, companies can come together and collectively contract out their IT Security requirements in a MSS environment. Pooling together their resources, in areas in which they are not in competition, would achieve a more efficient and potentially cheaper service.

Collins based his research on the online revenue collection  system that @iLabAfrica has implemented in Kiambu County.

The IST Africa Conference provides a platform to strengthen Information Society, ICT and Innovation related policy dialogues both within Africa and between Africa and Europe, through Plenary Sessions, the rich thematic knowledge exchange facilitated by Scientific Programme and co-located multi-lateral (eg. JEG8, eu-Africa HLPD on STI) and private bi-lateral meetings. (Source: IST Africa).

Participation in the IST Africa 2016 conference will contribute to @iLabAfrica’s exploitation and research and innovation strategy. In addition, the networking opportunity will continue to help build the research Centre ties with leading Public, Private, Education, and Research organizations from more than 39 countries who took part in the conference.




Register to Participate in the Entrepreneurship School

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entreprenurship schools

ThinkYoung are happy to present the 1st edition of the Entrepreneurship School Kenya – the next step in becoming a future entrepreneur! With their School in Nairobi, they are offering you the opportunity to further your entrepreneurial knowledge and principles, acquire a variety of new skills and network with experienced entrepreneurs. The training will be carried out at @iBizAfrica incubation center based in Strathmore University

During the next 5 day programme in Nairobi (Kenya) from the 4th-8th April 2016, you will be given the opportunity to question experienced entrepreneurs on a number of topics, exposing you to real experiences and stories of both entrepreneurial success and failure. Engage closely with exciting pioneers via a ‘learning by doing’ methodology and challenge the best entrepreneurs.

No professors, academic books or lectures. Simply, successful Entrepreneurs communicating their own personal experiences in business. A truly unforgettable experience, providing you with the confidence to take your next step in business!

Get ready for the challenge, and secure your Entrepreneurship School place today!


Participation fee: Early Bird price- 1000KSH. Register here to secure your slot.

For more information , visit their website.


Applications Open: IDEA Foundation Seed Stage Accelerator Program

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idea foundation


What is the Idea Foundation Seed Stage Program?

The Idea Foundation Seed Stage Accelerator Program is a platform to develop and grow innovative business ideas through training, mentorship and coaching and financial support. The program is implemented by @iBizAfrica in Collaboration with IDEA Foundation. There are two intakes in a year, in April and August. The program targets innovators and leaders seeking to solve problems that affect the society in Kenya  through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Who is eligible to apply?

The program is open to qualifying students and alumni of Strathmore University. We target teams comprised of individuals with competent skill sets to make the business a success. The team should include at least a visionary (CEO), Business Lead (CFO), Marketing Lead and Technical (CTO) Lead.

Why should you apply?

The program is is a great platform to accelerate the development, growth and success of startup business ideas. In the past Through this program @iBIzAfrica and IDEA Foundation have help many companies to develop, grow and succeed. These include: Purpink Gifts, Valuraha Group and Buymore LTD.

What Benefits will YOU get?:

  • Develop and sharpen business skills.
  • Receive mentorship and coaching from successful entrepreneurs and experts.
  • Upon Successful completion, receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to receive seed funding of upto KES. 500,000. The funding is a low interest rate .(subsidized and below market rate) repayable upon the business becoming successful or convertible to a grant. We do not take equity.
  • Work-space at and access to office facilities at @iBizAfrica

What is the program Duration?

The program is 3 months long between April and June. Key Dates are as follows:

  • Call for Applications-Feb 16
  • Selection-March 25
  • Training Starts-April 1st
  • Training Ends –April 15th
  • Incubation starts –April 18th
  • Selection Committee Approval for Funding-June 10th
  • Incubation Ends-June 17th                           
  • Submission of Applications for Funding-June 17th

Register here  to be considered for the Program!



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