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Negawatt Weekend Challenge:The Weekend that was and What Next..

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On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March, @iBizAfrica together with *iHub hosted the Negawatt Weekend challenge. The event was attended by over 70 participants who had registered to take part in the challenge and develop solutions that would solve energy problems in their community. The participants then divided themselves into 13 teams and worked tirelessly to come up with the best solution that would make them proceed to the next step in the Negawatt challenge.

The challenge allowed the participants to code through the night as they had to finish up the prototypes by Sunday 2pm (EAT) and present them to the panel of judges. Throughout the process, the participants were guided by various coaches who advised and guided them on the best way they would develop practical solutions.

At the end of the challenge, the 13 teams presented their prototypes and were then shortlisted to 6 teams who later presented their solutions again to the judges. It was from this that the final winners of the challenge were announced:-

  1. PlugIin – Winner
  2. Watt Saver – 1st Runners Up
  3. Angaza- 2nd Runners Up
  4. Wezesha Huduma – 3rd Runners Up

 What Next after the weekend challenge??

Accelerate: Negawatt Bootcamp Series

No project is ever fully ready after a single weekend of prototyping. To give each of the semi-finalists the best possible chance to give their ideas legs, the winners of the Negawatt Weekend Challenge go through an intense three week Bootcamp curriculum that includes training and coaching, both on-site and online. The Bootcamp will take place @IbizAfrica and we shall provide maximum support in terms of resources to the finalist so that their prototypes are fully developed to great solutions. The program features trainers and mentors handpicked from Nairobi and the international tech scene. The teams will then be flown to Barcelona’s Smart City Expo Congress for D-Day (Demo Day, that is) to compete against the other city winners from Accra, Rio de Janeiro, and Dar es Salaam as well as online competition winners from the Climate CoLab of MIT. The Negawatt Weekend winners will represent Nairobi as they pitch to mayors from all across the world in this finale.


We want to thank all those who took their time to come for the challenge and work overnight to develop their prototypes. Your efforts are indeed very much appreciated. We are also grateful for our coaches who took time to guide the participants. To our judges who helped us in crowning the best teams, Asante sana.

To our sponsors and partnersThe World bank, The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), Korea Green Growth Partnership  ,National Instrument, Climate CoLab and Amazonthank you so much for coming up with the challenge and for sponsoring all the activities.

  For more details on the Negawatt challenge, kindly access it here.

Negawatt Weekend Eligibilty Criteria

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negawatt33           You are eligible to enter Negawatt Weekend provided you meet the following  requirements:

  1. You are, and each of your team members is, at least 18 years old and the age of majority in your/his/her jurisdiction of residence. If you are considered a minor in your place of residence, then you will require parent or legal guardian permission prior to registering for this contest.
  2. You are, and each of your team members is, a registered attendee of Negawatt Weekend
  3. You must attend Negawatt Weekend in person to be eligible to win.
  4. Neither you nor any of your team members are an employee of The World Bank during Negawatt Weekend; nor an immediate family member (parent, sibling, spouse, child) of or household member to an employee
  5.  Neither you nor any of your team members are involved in any part of the creation, promotion, execution or administration of Negawatt Weekend.
  6. If a Participant is an employee of a corporation, government or an academic institution, enrolled as a student or representing his or her employer, government, or academic institution in Negawatt Weekend, it is his or her sole responsibility to review, understand and abide by his or her employer’s, government’s, or academic institution’s policies regarding eligibility to participate in Negawatt Weekend.
  7. If a Participant is found to be in violation of his or her school’s, government’s or employer’s policies, then he or she will be disqualified from participating in Negawatt Weekend and being awarded or retaining any prize. The World Bank disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for disputes arising between a student or employee and his or her school, government or employer related to Negawatt Weekend.

Negawatt Weekend does not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, age, sexuality, gender identification, or physical ability.

Submission guidelines

  1. Submitted entries must be relevant to the theme of solutions for urban energy efficiency.
  2. There is a limit of one submission per team. Teams are capped at five persons per team.
  3. You may work on the concept for the entry prior to commencement of Negawatt Weekend.


Participants will pitch a live demo of their entry before a judging panel at the end of each Negawatt Weekend. Each team will be given approximately 5 minutes including their product demonstration. Judges will select winners based on value creation (25%),relevance to published Negawatt challenges (15%), technical feasibility (25%), financial viability (25%) originality (10%). In the event of a tie, the judges will deliberate a winner.

Intellectual property

  1. Your Submission must: (a) be your (or your team or organization’s) original work
  1. A participating team may submit a prototype that includes the use of open source
  2.  Applications may integrate SDKs, APIs and data, provided the team is authorized
  3. Any applicable intellectual property rights to a submission will remain with the

If you meet the above criteria, go ahead and sign up for the challenge

Sign Up Today For the Biggest Global Challenge On Energy Efficiency in Nairobi, Kenya

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This March, @iBizAfrica in collaboration with the World Bank and *iHub Nairobi have brought to you the Negawatt Weekend. Negawatt Weekend is part of the Negawatt Challenge, a global competition to empower communities to innovate around local energy issues. Using a multi-phase open innovation methodology, this initiative aims to transform cities into more sustainable and energy efficient places.

What is the Negawatt Weekend?

Negawatt Weekend is a two days hackathon where you will experience what it’s like to create and launch a startup idea to solve local energy efficiency challenges. Participants will form teams and compete with one another to address specific challenge statements about local energy efficiency issues. Together, team members will come up with potential solutions that they refine and pitch in front of a jury.

Who can sign up for the challenge?

Anyone interested in innovating around local energy issues. We are looking for innovators, techies, entrepreneurs, marketers and experts in the area of energy who can come together and form a winning team. To lean if you are Eligible for the Challenge, read our eligibility requirements.

Why Attend Negawatt Weekend?

  • You will Create

In just two days you will create and launch a startup idea that addresses an energy efficiency problem in Kenya! You will join a team and come together to work in a limited time frame that will help you to focus on building, measuring and learning, unlike a typical brainstorming. By the end of Negawatt Weekend you will have created a prototype solution to an energy efficiency challenge.

  • You will Learn

Negawatt weekend will give you an opportunity to meet new people who have a common interest in developing ground breaking innovation and starup ideas. It will be an opportunity to network and learn from the best innovative brains in the country.

 What Next after the Negawatt Weekend?

  • You will Advance

The teams with the most promising ideas will be eligible to move on to the next phase (the Negawatt Boootcamp) as semi-finalists, where they will be given the tools to further develop and prototype their proposed solutions.

This will be a one of a kind opportunity to bring your energy efficiency idea into life. The semi-final stage is a 1 month bootcamp period where:

  • You will get free incubation for your startup at @iBizAfrica.
  • You will be mentored by experts and successful entrepreneurs.
  • You will receive tailored training to help you build a robust product and business.

What you need to know

Dates: 21st – 22nd March 2015

Venue: Strathmore University Auditorium and @iBizAfrica Incubation Centre

Time:   Saturday 21st March:  8:00 am to overnight

             Sunday 22nd March: 8:00 am to 6:30 pm


Don’t be left out. Join the biggest global challenge on Energy Efficiency today! Sign up for the Negawatt Weekend Challenge and remember to share with friends and ask them to sign up!

 Let’s keep the conversation going: Follow @iBizAfrica , @iHub ,  #negawatt