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Call for Applications: Safaricom Foundation Technology For Good Accelerator 2017

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The Safaricom Foundation Technology for Good Accelerator is a three months long incubation and seed-funding program that empowers entrepreneurs to launch globally scalable mobile tech driven startups that solve relevant local challenges.
Selection-Our selection process is a unique full-day workshop and pitch presentation (after a week) where participants are trained and equipped with the most relevant lean startup tools to conduct customer discovery and validation. Teams then pitch to demonstrate customer-problem fit. The teams are also trained and equipped with the tools and skills for business modeling. They develop a business model to be tested during the incubation period. 
Selection and eligibility Criteria:
  1. Must be registered to conduct business in Kenya in accordance with Kenyan law
  2. Must demonstrate the innovation and how it links to the Safaricom Foundation strategic
  3. Must demonstrate capacity to develop and roll out the solution to benefit Kenyans
  4. Must demonstrate how they have involved partners and the community that will benefit from the innovation
  5. Potential innovations will be incubated for three months after which those selected will be funded
  6. Payments will be paid based on pre-agreed milestones
  7. There will grant to take the innovation to deployment and scale
  8. This is an innovation challenge fund and the Foundation reserves the right to take an equity stake in the final product (negotiated)
  9. The focus is on the benefit of the innovation to bring change to the community
  10. Those selected must be willing to be incubated for three (3) months at @iBizAfrica, Strathmore University
  11. The fund does not fund operational or logistical costs
  12. The selection will be by a committee comprised of individuals from Strathmore University, Safaricom Foundation, Mpesa Foundation partners, Safaricom Innovation and Technology divisions
Training-Selected teams undergo a one day customized training creativity and innovation and an intense two weeks curriculum designed to quickly orient them into the nuances of business skills, entrepreneurship and lean startup techniques. The training will equip the participants with the knowledge and skills across entrepreneurship, business modeling, team development, business processes, presentation skills and pitching, product development and lean startup methodology. Classes take place in the evening from 5:30 to 8:30 pm and on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Mentoring and Coaching-Teams will have access to top mentors and coaches from industry and Strathmore University.
MVP and Proof of Concept-Concurrently with the training, teams embark on building an MVP for proof of concept. They also run experiment to test the business model. The duration for this is one month. Teams pitch to demonstrate proof of concept and to submit application for seed funding.
Seed Funding-Applications for seed funding are submitted to the investment committee for review and approval. Applicants can apply upto KES. 5,000,000 in funding.
Who Should Apply
  1. Teams of a maximum of a maximum of three people by:
    • Kenyan youth (18-35 years)
    • National and community based non-governmental organisations
    • Faith based and civil society organizations
    • academic and research institutions
    • innovation hubs and the private sector
  2. Teams must have the relevant technical and business capacity required to successfully execute the the business
  Themed Categories for the Program
1. Education
2. Health
3. Economic empowerment
4. Environmental conservation
5. Water
6. Arts
7. Culture
8. Disaster relief
Duration: 3 months incubation, 3 months post-incubation support
  1. Open Call for Applications-2nd May
  2. Deadline call for applications-2nd June
  3. Incubation-June-August 2017

Check here to apply.

@iBizAfrica-Safaricom Foundation Technology for Good Initiative

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Mobile Technology for Public Benefit

Mobile communications technology has quickly become the world’s most common way of transmitting voice, data, and services in the developing world. They hold significant potential for advancing development. At the heart of our foundation is the belief that technology can address some of the Kenya’s most pressing social and economic challenges. Our responsibility and strategy is to utilize our innovative technology in mobilizing social change to improving people’s lives by supporting the development and deployment of mobile technologies that achieve social impact.

The Goal and Expected Results

The overarching goal is to improve the social and economic well-being of Kenyans through the use of mobile technology.

Mobile communications technology has quickly become the world’s most common way of transmitting voice, data, and services in the developing world. They hold significant potential for advancing development. At the heart of the Safaricom Foundation is the belief that technology can address some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges.

Areas of Focus

The Foundation intends to fund qualifying organizations/institutions, individuals and businesses that demonstrate innovations that are in line with the Foundation’s strategic areas of focus,which can be found here. The proposed Technology for Good projects will use any or all facets of technology i.e. text, voice, data, apps etc., and helplines. This innovations should address the following criteria:

  • Social impact /People focus– The project has Kenyan people as the key focus. It articulates exactly what the changes will be in their lives and in the long term
  • Needs Based/Evidence informed – The project articulates very well the social need that will be addressed; It is evidence informed – either through surveys or desktop reviews.
  • Innovation and Technology – The project clearly demonstrates unique innovation; how different to do things. There is evidence use of mobile technology. There is evidence of the required capacity and competences within the team to deliver the product.
  • Scale (number of beneficiaries) – The project demonstrates the potential to benefit a large number of people when it is completed
  • Strategic link to Safaricom Foundation – The project fits very well with the Foundation’s strategic areas of focus and any of the partnership models.
  • Sustainability – The innovation must demonstrate how the project continues to operate and benefit many Kenyans beyond the funding. The overall approach will be to have the project sustainable beyond donor funding.

Who can apply?

The Foundation will consider applications from individuals, national and community based non-governmental, faith based and civil society organizations; academic and research institutions; innovation hubs and the private sector. Click here to download the form. Send the completed form to


The Application process closes on 31st August 2016. Please ensure that you have read the Terms and conditions. You can Download application guidelines here.

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