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Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers in East Africa

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IEEE and the Institute of Physics (IOP) are jointly organising the 2014 workshop “Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers in East Africa ” to be held at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies from 3-7 December.


Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Kenya, 3–7 December 2014


This one-week intensive workshop is designed for scientists and engineers from different parts of East Africa who are interested in learning entrepreneurial skills to commercialise their scientific inventions. Participants will benefit from the international perspective and profitable insights of leading experts and fellow delegates from the East Africa region and the rest of the world.


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce scientists and engineers in the region to the process of innovation, generation and protection of intellectual property, technology transfer and commercialisation of inventions. The workshop will consist of lectures by invited speakers, case studies, group discussions and role-playing sessions related to the commercialisation of products.


Scientists and Engineers as Entrepreneurs; Opportunity and Value Assessment; Intellectual Property (IP); Basics of Patenting; IP Management and Global IP Protection; Business Plan Fundamentals, Technology Readiness Levels, Invention to Product: Timelines and Processes; Case Studies and Group Projects.


Scientists and students throughout the East African region are welcome to attend the workshop. All sessions and talks will be conducted in English, so participants should have a good working knowledge of the language. Although the main purpose of the workshop is to help young scientists and engineers, aspiring students and other innovators are also welcome to apply.
Participants will be expected to cover their costs of transportation to the venue.
A registration fee of $250 will be charged to defray the cost of accommodation.


To participate at the event, complete the application form here.
The application deadline is October 31, 2014.