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We’re are overly delighted that we,@iBizAfrica, shall be hosting the 1st ever Edition of Startup Weekend Education, Nairobi that will run from 10th to 12th July.

What is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is a local grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding and launching successful ventures. Startup Weekend “Education” was founded on the belief that entrepreneurship is a powerful force to positively impart education outcomes. Through design thinking, innovative business strategies, relentless hacking and designing, this weekend will produce new ventures that are poised to create high caliber outcomes for local Education entrepreneurs.

What is in it for you?

Our event transcends the traditional Startup Weekend style; we will focus on bridging the entrepreneurial startup spirit with youth and educator informed issues. Through design thinking, innovative business strategies, relentless hacking and designing, this weekend will produce new ventures that are poised to create high caliber outcomes for local education entrepreneurs,” the organizers’ said. Groups will work together over 54 hours to create tech tools addressing a concern either in a school or in a student’s community, with solutions ranging from a mobile apps to online learning tools. “We believe that a wide range of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, passion, talents, technical knowledge and skills are needed to create ventures that have the highest potential for lasting impact,” the organizers said. Startup Weekend Education is seeking innovators, developers, designers, teachers, students, and other educational stakeholders to come together to form teams to develop solutions at the event. Areas of focus include using education technology to increase access to and distribute quality learning materials, taking advantage of open education technologies to improve education, how to use education data and education technology to measure impact, and how to ensure education technology and education initiatives lead to youth empowerment and development.

Go Ahead, Get the TICKETS

Tickets for event are Ksh. 1,000 and currently available on Ticketsasa . Kindly share with your friends and everyone about this great event. Looking forward to hosting you to a great, Fun Event!

What’s More, All participants will get 2 free rides per day courtesy of UBER.

StartUp Weekend Nairobi @ iLabAfrica

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Startup Weekend

The past weekend of  22nd to 24th November the Startup Weekend Nairobi version was held at iLabAfrica. This is a global event that aims at bringing together programmers, developers, marketers, designers, start-up enthusiasts among other diverse groups, to form groups and develop viable business ideas in 54 hours.

The event was facilitated by Julian Ferr from South Africa. Also in attendance was  Njeri Rionge, one of the founders of Wananchi Online and a globally renowned entrepreneur in Kenya. Njeri was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of Africa’s most successful serial entrepreneurs. In her key note speech, Njeri noted that Investors are looking for startups with a clear business model backed by passionate people who understand product and market.

There were 25 ideas pitched during the 60 secs elevator pitch session. This required one to convince the audience on the viability of the idea. The pitches were followed by a voting session where the audience would vote for the best idea and the top seven ideas would proceed to the next round. The voting system provided by Mservey was quite effective and real time. The top seven ideas (in no particular order were):

  • Local DM :- Aims at availing affordable housing in the slums areas.
  • PesaApp:- Creating a mobile money transfer module that would seem money transfer between all banks and telecoms
  • Tunajali:- An online platform that provides designers a marketplace to sell their stuff and at the same time supports good causes
  • OverPlusSports:- An application that aims at being a one stop shop for sports news, betting and anything to do with sports
  • DereMjanja:- A mobile game for kids aged 10-18yrs that helps them learn traffics rules.
  • WorkPoint BPM :- Simplifying business by eliminating paper work
  • SooTano:- A microjobs site where all jobs go for 500/=

The teams went ahead and built on their ideas through the weekend to Sunday and the final pitches were done on Sunday evening. Judges voted for the the top two ideas that would proceed to the next level of the competition. These two were PesaApp and SooTano . SooTano a microjobs site that connects people for accomplishing jobs and tasks at Ksh. 500 carried the day, becoming the grand winners. PesaApp took the runner up position while Local DM scooped the social award.

iBizAfrica will offer incubation to the top 5 idea of the Startup Weekend for a chance to nature them into fully-fledged  businesses over the next few months.

Written by: Njuru Mwangi |Twitter: @Njurus

Startup Weekend is Back! Novem­ber 22nd –24th

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 startup weekend

What is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is an event that brings together programmers, developers, marketers, designers, startup enthusiasts among other diverse groups, to form groups and develop viable business ideas in 54 hours. It is a weekend-long, hands-on experience where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if their startup ideas are viable.  On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical backgrounds- the other half have business backgrounds.

Startup Weekend is an NGO based in San Francisco, US, and has so far organized startup 500+ events in 110 countries and 120 cities.

Startup Weekend Nairobi

Startup Weekend Nairobi will look to not only bring together technology entrepreneurs, but also individuals from sectors such as agriculture, education, communication, among others.

Startup Weekend Nairobi will be held on November 22nd -24th, 2013, and will offer exciting prizes for the winners of the challenge.

Why should YOU attend?

●     Education: Startup Weekends are all about learning.  Expect to learn a new skill, a new programming or business language and more so, a new way of thinking.

●     Enlarged network:  Startup Weekend works hard to recruit high-quality, driven entrepreneurs – like you! You will create relationships that last long past the weekend.

●     Learn how to launch a business: The goal of the weekend is for you to go from idea to launch in 54 hours.

●     Get face time with local and international mentors: Tech and start-up leaders mentor and participate in Startup Weekends. They interact with event participants sharing experiences and giving business related advice.

●     Get access to valuable start-up resources: By participating in Startup Weekend, you are given instant access to great products and tools. No one leaves Startup Weekend empty handed.

The 3-day event will be held at the Strathmore University @iLabAfrica, which is on the 5th floor of Strathmore University Student center, Ole Sangale road.

The participatory fee for the event is Kes 1,500.  For those attending the event finale on 24th November only, the entrance fee will be Kes 500. The ticket will cater for your food during the event. Register here for your ticket.

Startup Weekend Nairobi is being organized by, Evelyn Mwangi, Louis Majanja, Kenfield Griffith, Alieu Fofanah and Barbara Okeyo. To learn more about this event, you can contact us on You can also check us out on:


Facebook Page:    Startup Weekend

Twitter:                @SWKenya