IT Security Centre

The @iLabAfrica IT Security Centre is the center of excellence for Digital Security in Strathmore University. It was established to offer courses in IT Security as well as Research and Consultancy in Digital Security.

@iLabAfrica IT Security Center aims at:

  1. Steering towards the fulfillment of Vision 2030 and Millennium Development goals through ensuring security of information systems.
  2. Achieving a significant growth of the economy through the protection of organizations’ information assets.
  3. Reducing the knowledge gap about information security through provision of courses in this field to as many individuals and companies as possible.
  4. Promoting the growth of companies by protecting and securing their information assets.
  5. Ensuring @iLabAfrica becomes the leading Centre of Excellence in IT Security in the East African region.

@iLabAfrica IT Security offerings

  1. Master Degree in IT Security.
  2. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Training Courses.
  3. IT Security courses in collaboration with Softlock.
  4. Research in IT Security practices in the Kenya and the East African Region.
  5. IT Security Consultancy Services to Industry.

IT Security Courses offered at @iLabAfrica IT Security Center

Master of Science in IT Security

@iLabAfrica is in advanced stages of starting the Master of Science course in IT Security. The course will enable graduates to gain

  1. Skills to assume leadership positions in the field of Information Security.
  2. Expertise to manage the growing complexities associated with securing data and networks.
  3. Knowledge and skills to design and implement networked software and distributed systems with information security in mind.
  4. Theoretical knowledge and practical experience in IT Security.
  5. Expertise in identifying and curbing the information security risks faced by organizations

Certified Ethical Hacker

This is a course offered under the EC-Council. Certified Ethical Hacker training will expose the professionals to standard hacking practices, with the aim of giving hands-on-experience on identifying, counteracting and preventing these attacks. Learners will be exposed to an entirely different way of achieving optimal information security posture in their organizations. With this training, they will scan, hack and secure their own systems on a virtual environment in addition to taking a certification examination to become Certified Ethical Hackers.

The course will be offered in 2 parallel tracks as explained below:

  1. For students – Students of the university will be offered the training at highly subsidized rates (over 60% discounts) through the Academia partnership that @iLabAfrica is seeking to engage in with the EC Council.
  2. For professionals – Professional from the industry will also receive training, sit the exam and attain certification at professional rates.

Strathmore-Softlock Digital Security Academy Courses

Through the partnership entered into with Softlock, a leading company in the field of digital security based in Egypt, the IT Security Centre will also provide hand-on IT Security courses. In addition to an in depth covering of key security topics, the training will also present the participants with available solutions in the market and how to use them to achieve maximum security of their data and network. Certificates of merit will be issued at the successful completion of each course.

Courses under the Digital Security Academy include:

  1. IT Secur­ity Busi­ness Track
  2. IT Secur­ity Spe­cial­ist Track
  3. IT Secur­ity Tech­nical Track
  4. Soft­ware Developers Track

IT Security Research

@iLabAfrica will conduct extensive research in the market to identify trends in IT Security in Kenya and the Eastern African Region. All the data and reports generated will be used to benchmark @iLabAfrica and the University with top notch IT Security institutions in the world with the aim of ensuring that we are at par.

IT Security Consultancy

@iLabAfrica, in collaboration with other industry partners, Local and International, will offer a variety of IT Consultancy services. These are:

1.      Vulnerability Testing  and Penetration Testing

In partnership with Alkira Ltd, a leading provider of Computer Based Services based in Australia, @iLabAfrica will be offering Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing services to companies. Vulnerability assessment will involve the identification of the weak points which could be taken advantage of by malicious attackers to gain access into a company’s information assets, and advising on ways of correcting the weak points. Penetration Tests will involve the simulation of attacks on a computer system or network from externally or internally. This service will be offered to organizations in order to make them aware of any obvious weak points in their systems and network

2.      Exclusive distributor of Softlock products in Eastern Africa

Through the partnership with Softlock, @iLabAfrica will act as the exclusive distributor of Softlock products and solutions in Eastern Africa. Some of the services offered by Softlock that will be offered at the IT Security Centre are:

  • Software Security Integration
  • Custom Security Solutions
  • In-house Software Protection
  • Security and Hardware Development

3.       Consultancy services with Local IT Experts

In collaboration with other local IT Security experts, @iLabAfrica will offer IT security consulting services.

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