Nairobi Innovation Week- The Shortlisting

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hjhjhjThe Nairobi innovation week brings together partners from government, private sector, development partners and research centers with an aim of providing a platform for showcasing and encouraging innovation, networking and sharing knowledge. Strathmore University, through @iBizAfrica partnered with the Ministry of Industry Trade and Cooperatives to reach out to potential innovative startups.

The aim of NIW is to prepare home grown localized innovative and scalable startups to be investor ready and to  give them access to seed stage funding or growth phase financing options. Over a hundred startups registered themselves to take full advantage of this.


Through their application profiles, sixty of these startups were invited to pitch their ideas from 26th January – 27th January 2017 in front of a panel of judges The two panels of judges consisted of 5-6 industry business leaders.

Each of the sixty startups had fifteen minutes (10-minute presentation and a 5-minute Q&A session) to showcase their ideas and prove to the judges why their startup deserved to be in the 3 week NIW Boot Camp scheduled between 6th February and 22nd February 2017.


The BootCamp will be hosted by @iBizAfrica and will entail different exciting elements needed in running a startup such as legal issues, pitching and presentation skills, business modeling among others. This will serve as inspiration to the startups to make impressive presentations.

A further shortlisting will be made after the boot camp to determine the finalists that will present during the main event that is to be held between 6th March and 10th March 2017. We wish all the shortlisted businesses the best during this amazing time of learning how to grow their startups.

Market research for startups Conducted by e-ENSURES

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Market Research

e-ENSURES would like to invite you to a presentation at @iBizAfrica about Market research for startups. e-ENSURES is the first African Online Market Research Company dedicated to assisting small & medium startups and entrepreneurs across Africa.Their focus is on offering affordable Market research to startups and entrepreneurs.

What also makes e-ENSURES unique, is its ability to help entrepreneurs expand their vision beyond their base. For example: if they work with clients in Nairobi, they want them to think about the opportunity across the East Africa region and ultimately the continent of Africa.  Additionally, e-ENSURES want to inspire the next generation of African startups and entrepreneurs who are struggling to get ideas off the ground by selling Market Research reports at very affordable prices. The advantages of e-ENSURES are:

  • Offering affordable online market research to startups and entrepreneurs
  • Helping entrepreneurs expand their vision beyond their base
  • Inspiring the next generation of African entrepreneurs in the pre-startup phase
  • The go-to-market research partner/advisor for startups and entrepreneurs
  • Creating a mental shift in the entrepreneurial market. Market research as a non-negotiable aspect of business strategy.

They also would like to invest in some of the startups by conducting free market research for them.

VENUE: @iBizAfrica, 5th Floor, Student Centre, Strathmore University

DATE: Thursday, 17th November 2016

TIME: 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM

The event is FREE!!!! All are invited!!!! Register here

Lean Startup Week Livestream 2016 Hosted by @iBizAfrica

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This November, Lean Startup will bring together over 2,000 diverse thinkers and Lean Startup practitioners from all over the world to share ideas and projects that are shaping the future of business. This unparalleled conference unites intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs from government agencies, international conglomerates, boot-strapped startups, and civic organizations in their mission to create radical change in their industries.

@iBizAfrica  was named an official simulcast partner for (CITY) and will stream the entire event at @iBizAfrica , Strathmore University on November 2nd- 3rd from 6pm-9pm  free of charge.

An immersive two day event, Lean Startup Conference 2016 will unite attendees through powerful yet practical programming world renowned speakers, collaborative workshops, interactive discussions, and a collective experience that all take place at the Pier 27 campus in San Francisco.

Whether you’re new to Lean Startup methods or have been putting these practices to use in your organization, this event promises to educate and inform.

More than 100 experts will share their first-hand experiences, including:

  • Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist , Canva.
  • Irene Au, Design Partner, Khosla Ventures.
  • Tren Griffin, Senior Director, Microsoft.
  • Stanley McChrystal, Managing Partner, McChrystal Group.
  • Sonja Kresojevic, SVP, Global Product Lifecycle, Pearson.
  • Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup.

There will also be talks, panel sessions and mentorship sessions by local lean startup experts.

 To participate in the Livestream, kindly register here.

Social Media Week(SMWi): The Event That Was..

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The theme of the SMWiNairobi event was harnessing the power of Technology & Social Media to transform business, culture and lives. It was definitely addressed and emphasised as various individuals inspired their audience in the Master Classes, Workshops and/or Youth Forums that they were presenting in with wise words and practical examples which can be applied by anyone anytime. 2D Game Content Development, Digital Content Development, Emerging Digital Marketing Tools, How to Grow your Brand Online, Digital Storytelling were all addressed on the first day. The youth forum was done by Jane Mukami (@fitkenyangirl) about how she capitalized on her social media following to make her business a success.

The SMWiNairobi attendees in @iLabAfrica were in for a treat on Wednesday. A Master Class session in the morning was a presentation from Hill + Knowlton about the importance of engaging with the audience in social media rather than just communicating with them. The speaker emphasised also gave real-life relevant case studies of companies such as Coca Cola who have embraced digital storytelling as part of their social media strategies. Other sessions for the day were: a Digital Marketing class by Livity Africa, a presentation on Maximizing the potential of Social Media for SMEs by the Hootsuite Ambassador for EMEA, Kenya, and an afternoon Master Class by Cellulant and Shift Culture.

The CEO of Cellulant shared his vision for his company and the belief he had for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Meltwater, South Africa wrapped up the day with their presentation on how companies like them can help you master the art of implementing a digital strategy by using media intelligence to inform strategy, connect with your audience and measure success. As you might guess there was a lot of networking and engagement.

The following day also had its share of informative and inspiring presentations as well. An eye-opening presentation on IoT (Internet of Things) by one of our own IoT experts, Peter Nyambura, gave the audience a glimpse of what to expect from digital transformation. Aga Khan University, Sochin Ltd and Nendo teamed up to give an exciting presentation dubbed ‘Siasa & Social Media – Where the Internet, Influence and Information Collide.’ They dug deep into the research they had conducted on Politics and how it is influenced by social media. Kangai Mwiti – famous for her Makeup tips, Tricks and Tutorials on Youtube – in her presentation emphasised on the urgency of using Video in social media marketing as it has a more impactful and emotional effect to the viewer. She also touched on personal branding, discipline and consistency when leveraging on social media platforms to drive your business. Optiven CEO, George Wachiuri was also present, and motivated his audience on embracing entrepreneurship in this digital age.

On the final day we were graced with Bright Gameli, a renowned Cyber Security expert. He wowed his audience with his cool skills and emphasised the importance of being secure and safe when online. Cellulant CEO was also present in another session where he challenged his audience to be innovative and come up with the next ideas that will not only shake up Kenya, but the Africa Region as well. Following his inspiring presentation was one by Centonomy on personal financial management. Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT) helped the audience understand Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents and Utility Models.

Statistics show that Kenyans are very active on social media platforms: 5.6+ million on Facebook, 3+ million on Youtube, 2.2 million on Twitter, 1.4 million on LinkedIn, 780K on Instagram – and this is just via mobile phone. These numbers can only increase hence the importance of being strategic in order to maximize the potential of social media in transforming businesses, cultures and lives. The SMWiNairobi definitely lived up to the hype!

The WILD App: Helping Conserve our Wild Animals

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On Friday, 23rd September 2016, in partnership with USAID, @iLabAfica, Strathmore University launched the Wildlife Information and Landscape Database (WILD) App that will strengthen existing wildlife anti-poaching and human wildlife conflict (HWC) deterrent efforts. the U.S. The mobile phone data collection application and cloud-based database is designed to improve collection, sharing, management and analysis of biodiversity information and data of endangered wildlife i.e Elephants and Rhinos in East Africa which are facing extinction due to the increased poaching activities.

In January 2014, in response to President Obama’s Executive Order onCombating Wildlife Trafficking, USAID’s Planning for Resilience in East Africa through Policy, Adaptation, Research, and Economic Development (PREPARED) Project established a partnership with key governmental, non-governmental conservation organization and private sector stakeholders in Kenya and Tanzania to discuss how Information and Communications Technology could be used to improve the fight against poaching in East Africa. The goal was to develop innovative tools that help prevent poaching and HWC, and improve monitoring, coordination, and analysis of anti-poaching and HWC deterrent efforts.

Brad Arsenault, Deputy Office Chief for Environment at USAID’s Kenya and East Africa Mission, explained that “Protecting wildlife from poaching and illegal trafficking helps to secure our global heritage and fight against sophisticated criminal networks that lead to insecurity.”

The WILD application tracks a patrol unit’s movement using global-positioning software (GPS) using the smart-phone. While on patrol, game scouts can record information on incidences that occur, such as poaching, animal mortality, human wildlife conflict, illegal human activity, community service, wildlife sightings, climate data and others.

The information captured in WILD is stored in a secure online database that allows administrators to access and analyze information collected by their scouts, and use this information to support evidence-based management decisions, such as re-organizing patrol routes to cover areas with higher incidents of poaching or HWC. WILD can also be used to track the progress and outcomes of counter wildlife trafficking legal cases that the organization is supporting.

Administrators can view reported incidences geo-spatially by patrol unit, time period or incident type. Administers can link related incidences that occur over a longer time period; for example, linking a crop-raiding incident with a retaliatory killing that may have happened several days later.

WILD can be downloaded on Android-based smart phones via the Google Play Store and has offline capacity to ensure functionality when there is no or limited network access.  Watch how the app works.

Story was first published on PREPARED Facebook Page


@iBizAfrica 3D Printing Workshop

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On 12th July, 2016, @iBizAfrica will carry out a one day workshop on 3D printing that has become an often discussed technology with far-reaching potential in a range of industries. However, 3D printing is not one technology but actually an entire family of manufacturing methods. These manufacturing methods are unique in that they allow for quickly transferring ideas from the computer into tangible products. This ability is what makes 3D printing have great potential for small businesses.

Small business can use 3D printing to quickly create professional prototypes of new products. Join the workshop to learn about how this technology works and how it can be useful for your business. This will include a brief introduction into the 3D printing process, and an opportunity to start working with Mr. Benjamin Savonen to create 3D models and prototypes for your own business.

The Trainer

Ben Savonen is a PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological
University. He currently uses 3D printing in his research on new product design in
developing world contexts.

More Details

Venue:  @iBizAfrica, Strathmore Universtiy Student Center 5th Floor.

Time: 6pm -7pm

Fees: ksh. 500 only.

Register here.

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Recap on Nairobi Tech Week Event

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Nairobi Tech Week (NTW) was twitter developers relations team and Angelhack very first tech event in Africa, which was said to be the largest tech event in the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa with prominent IT institutions as partners and sponsors. The partners like @iLabAfrica(Strathmore University), *iHub and Moringa school, oversaw the success of the event which aimed in bolstering the growing tech sector and culminating support in one place in just one week.

NTW brought to attention the work of Chief Technical Officers and Developers behind leading apps and services, who often get overlooked as the products they create go on to power game-changing technologies and innovations that achieve recognition and commercial success. Several industry players graced this event and discussed tech trends in finance, education, agriculture, music, e-commerce, government, health and data science. They took the crowd through the growing changes in IT and anticipated growth in the future.

The event started on the 27th of April with Moringa School’s founder, Audry Cheng and other tech influencers like Hilda Moraa, Josiah Mugambi, to name but a few giving an opening plenary and setting the ball rolling. Afterwards, breakout sessions followed. The breakout sessions served as an eye-opener for the various players in the tech sector, broadening the field of ideas for developers and young entrepreneurs. For the three days that followed, panel after panel of actors and professional developers graced the sessions advising, coaching and encouraging young developers in the field. At the end of the week, there had been a total of 36 breakout sessions and 20 panels.

Nairobi Tech Week also accommodated #HelloWorld Twitter Tour where the twitter developers interacted with Kenyan developers around the Twitter platform. AngelHack, the world’s largest and most diverse hacking community, hosted a 2 day hackathon. The #SmartCityNairobi challenge was aimed at the developer community in Nairobi in conjunction with Twitter and the *iHub. Developers had a chance to create a solution for the city using Twitter’s API to solve a problem in the city. The technology was required to bring a positive impact on the world, people, and or environment.  This saw two teams, Fixmtaa and Naimotion taking the Twitter and Code4impact Awards. The Reporttaka team took the overall price making them the winners of the first ever hackathon held in Africa. They get an opportunity to turn their hackathon idea into a startup reality in a 12-week curriculum among other prices.

Wondering what happened to Team ReportTaka?? Well, they won a huge grant.

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